M-Square Pictures

M-Square Pictures was founded in Mannheim, a city which is – unusual among German cities – laid out in a grid pattern, leading to its nickname “Quadratestadt” (“City of Squares”). Inspired by this fact, the name M-Square was chosen for our label for Horror, Mystery and Crime movies and series. The producers and directors of M-Square Pictures (short: M-Square) movies come from all over the world, and what unites the movies is the mysterious and shocking ambience the audience is led into. May it be in India, Antarctica, Russia or just in a depressing situation somewhere around us – one of the main questions is: “Will the leading actors still escape or is it too late…?”

Feature films

The following feature films with scary, murderous, sometimes bloody, conspiratorial and / or occasionally funny acts have been published on the film label M-Square Pictures:

Feature films that can be booked for cinema programs or individual screenings via UCM.ONE for Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

More information about most of the films listed above (synopsis, trailers, participants & actors, awards) can be found on the Movie Catalogue page.

Classic movies

In addition to the current films, UCM.ONE also publishes selected film classics from past directors under the name M-Square Classics. Before they are physically and digitally re-launched, the films are resampled, restored and digitized. In addition, great value is placed on additional materials, which can either come from the time of first publication or are newly created. Not infrequently, new interviews with participants from back then are also being included.


The following documentary can be booked for cinema programs and / or individual demonstrations via UCM.ONE for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We recommend to program it together with a Sharknado feature film:


In addition to feature films on the label M-Square Pictures also published series that – depending on the content and format – either are published on Blu-Ray and DVD and can be viewed on the well-known VoD portals, or if it is for example a web series, can be found on services like YouTube, Dailymotion, Amazon Prime and Vimeo VoD.

Z Nation – The Series

The Z Nation series begins at a time when a zombie virus has almost completely eradicated humanity. The last hope for a positive change rests on Murphy – the only known survivor of a zombie attack. But the potential savior Murphy carries not only the coveted antibodies in itself, but also a dangerous secret – and a lot of bad mood.

Season 3 and 4 of the US-American postapocalyptic zombie drama series Z Nation by director Karl Schaefer, produced by The Asylum (known inter alia from the Sharknado films) is available on the M-Square Pictures label in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The release date for season 5 is also already fixed: Season 5 will be available in Autumn 2019.

MEM – The Series

A Western in the Antarctic? That’s finally something new! In the post-apocalyptic mini-series by Christian Stadach, a rising tale of suspense and surprising twists tells a story that keeps the audience in suspense.

After a devastating war with biological weapons, the last humans on the White Continent are fighting for their very survival. Markus and Aaron represent the central characters of the plot. Markus tries to leave his past behind, while Aaron is not ready for it …

Radio Silence – The Series

Hobby radio host Doc Rock did not expect this listener to broadcast on the so-called “Nachtschlitzer”, a brutal killer! The night-slayer in person turns on the program and introduces Doc to a mystery that solves the life of the young and beautiful Tara, the latest victim of the Night Slayer. The game has started!

The Choice – The Series

An ex-killer is finding out that no good deed goes unpunished.


Season 5 of the Zombie Apocalypse “Z Nation” available from 27 September 2019 on Blu-Ray, DVD and download-portals

In the fifth and final season, the heroes of the Z Nation series are confronted with a new zombie phenomenon: the Talker, a talking and thinking zombie species. Warren (Kellita Smith) slowly regains his strength after the drone crash and gets help from the mysterious Cooper (Mario van Peebles). Meanwhile, the group around Doc (Russell…

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“Dead Woman from Beverly Hills” by Michael Pfleghar (M-Square Classics) now available everywhere

From today on the restored version of the ´Filmklassikers “Dear Woman from Beverly Hills” (German title: “Die Tote von  Beverly Hills”) is available on DVD. The film is also available on all relevant VoD portals. The film by TV show legend Michael Pfleghar (“Wünsch dir was”, “Klimbim”) was the official German contribution to the 1964…

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“Involution” by Pavel Khvaleev (M-Square Pictures) now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and VoD-portals

From today the second film by the Russian director Pavel Khvaleev “Involution” (subtitle: Destroy yourself, free the planet) is available on Blu-Ray and DVD. The film was shot in English in Moscow and Berlin. Pavel Khvaleev’s second film also appears on the M-Square Pictures label, after the first film “III – The Ritual” appeared on…

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Digitally restored version of “The Dead of Beverly Hills” (M-Square Classics) available July 26th

On 26 July 2019, UCM.ONE and moviemax will be releasing an HD digitally restored version of the German film classic “Die Tote von Beverly Hills” (M-Square Clasics) on DVD. The film by TV show legend Michael Pfleghar (“Wünsch dir was”, “Klimbim”) was the official German contribution to the 1964 Cannes Film Festival and was awarded…

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