New Normal Recordings

In fact, it was pure coincidence that New Normal Recordings was launched in January 2020 without knowing how much meaning this name would suddenly take.

New Normal Recordings sees itself as an underground pop label for DIY artists who manage to enrich electronic music with analog elements and guarantee their audience a good live performance.

The following bands and projects are part of the New Normal Recordings family:

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown is perhaps the biggest swindle in electronic music history. While all others present themselves as a consumer product, Artist Unknown keeps its honest unknown face. In no other band members are so unique and yet so interchangeable as in Artist Unknown. The band members could be you and your unknown neighbor. This is our new normality. With their first releases “Future” and “Errorist” on the label Disko B in 2001 and equipped with a necessary dose of humor, Artist Unknown did leave nothing to be desired. The label DataPunk made the series complete in 2006 with their release of the album “Present”. Now the catalogue is re-released on “New Normal Recordings”.

More information about the band and previous re-releases: Artist Unknown

David Harrow

David Harrow began his musical career in the early 1980s on the squatter scene in London’s East End. At the Warehouse Theater in east Croydon he met Anne Clark. Several albums were created with her. “Joined Up Writing” by Anne Clark is one of the style-defining electronic New Wave records of the 80s. With the hit “Our Darkness” the long player landed an unforgettable classic. Anne Clark‘s poetic chanting was brilliantly staged by David Harrow, who wrote the songs for Clark’s lyrics. During that time he also appeared with the underground group Psychic TV. In 1982 David Harrow‘s first solo album “The Succession” was released. In Berlin he produced music for the groups Leningrad Sandwich and Fougorki. A long-term collaboration with Mike Vamp began there. “Low Winter Sun” is David Harrow‘s current solo work with the singer Xeni. Deeply melancholy, dreamy and touching, the artist ties the New Wave of the 80s to modern rhythms and sounds of the current 20s.

More information about the artist: David Harrow


Already in 1984 the friendship between Mike Vamp and David Harrow began in the West-Berlin underground. Four years later the two got together again in London and united their punk and electro roots in David’s studio on the Thames. While David Harrow had already made a name for himself early on as a producer, for Anne Clark and Dub Syndicate among others, Mike Vamp was mainly on the road as a solo artist. He then settled back in West Berlin in the early 90s, shortly after the fall of the Wall, experienced the ecstatic techno years of the post-reunification period at first hand and, as part of the duo “Märtini Brös“, became an international household name in the minimal-electro scene from 1998 onwards with tracks such as “Flash” or “Biggest Fan“. The creative flow never stopped. When Vamp and Harrow met again ten years ago in the studio in Los Angeles, the idea of an album was born, inspired by the glam rock times of the 70s. After many years of virtual travel between L.A. and Berlin the time has finally come: D first “Glam-Wave” album as Vamp&Harrow will be released in 2020.

More information about the band and their releases: Vamp&Harrow

Album releases on New Normal Recordings:

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🎵 “David Harrow feat Xeni – Wanna Listen” with 3 new remixes (New Normal Recordings)

With “Low Winter Sun”, David Harrow released a wonderful electronic pop album last year (along with his more experimental tracks). Xeni’s wonderful voice floated over the carefully composed and arranged songs. Now an EP with three enchanting remixes will be released for the album track “Wanna Listen”. David Harrow’s music is delicately demonstrated here and…


David Harrow’s new album “Low Winter Sun” available today (New Normal Recordings)

 “Joined Up Writing” by Anne Clark is one of the style-defining electronic New Wave records of the 80s. With the hit “Our Darkness” the long player landed an unforgettable classic. Anne Clark’s poetic chanting was brilliantly staged by David Harrow, who wrote the songs for Clark’s lyrics. David Harrow began his musical career in the…