Mercury Circle

Jaani Peuhu, producer, songwriter and musician from Helsinki, Finland, is the creator of darkwave electronic band “Iconcrash“, which debuted their first album “Nude” in 2005, followed by two more albums. In 2015 Jaani set out on his solo project and released his first album, “Tear Catcher”. Jaani joined Swallow the Sun while producing their (2019) album “When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light“, which reached the Finnish album charts at #1.

Jaani Peuhu also topped the album charts with writing and producing for German dark rock band Lord of the Lost‘s 2018 album “Thornstar” and was nominated for the Finnish grammy award “Emma“ for Hallatar‘s debut album “No Stars Upon The Bridge“ (2018), which he also produced and mixed, along with playing bass live in the band.

He has also worked with various multiplatinum-selling Finnish pop artists and metal acts like Before The Dawn, Diamond Black, Thunderstone and To/Die/For.

Although Jaani Peuhu wanted to focus on his career as a producer, touring with Hallatar and Swallow the Sun made him want to tour with his own music again. He had the unique idea to create the genre of “New Doom”. From that, Mercury Circle was born. This is a new direction of Dark Metal infused with powerful Synth/Electro Waves and Doom. He’s finally returning to vocals to bring you something purely enigmatic.

Jaani Peuhu says about the label Noble Demon: “We are so excited about these news! I was on a North American tour with Swallow the Sun supporting Children of Bodom and we shared a bus with Wolfheart. One day I was chatting with Tuomas Saukkonen about our future plans and he told me about this new label who will release the Dawn of Solace album. I have known Tuomas since he started with Before the Dawn because I produced their first two albums and I know that he knows what he is doing. Always! 

I’d already forgotten the conversation we had, but a few months later I was talking about the Mercury Circle album with an A&R of one of my fav labels and he said that Noble Demon would be a perfect label for us because I want to do something fresh and fearless with this band. No rules and 100% artistic freedom. Our agent then contacted Patrick Walch and he instantly understood my vision and we have been a team since.”

Mercury Circle are already preparing for their first album, which is scheduled for the end of 2020, but have already announced the release of “The Dawn Of Vitriol“, the band’s first EP and a fantastic foretaste of what is to come.

The band members are: Jaani Peuhu – Vocals, Guitars, Synths (Iconcrash, Swallow the Sun, Hallatar); Jussi Hämäläinen – Guitars, Synths, Backing vocals (Hanging Garden, The Chant); Juppe Sutela – Guitars (To/Die/For); Ande Kiiski – Bass (Sleep of Monsters, Rytmihäiriö); Jaska Raatikainen – Drums (Children of Bodom).

Jaani Peuhu on the creation of Mercury Circle and the members of the band: 

“After I returned from touring with Hallatar I started to write new music. My plan was not to write anything too heavy. For some reason the songs I wrote were closer to doom metal than dark rock. I followed my heart and wrote an album without any preconceptions about genres, planning or second guessing what I was doing. I felt like I needed to get these songs out of my system. When the songs were written and the demos done I started to think what I was going to do with them and whether I should form a band to perform them. I made a list of musicians I wanted to work with. I contacted them, played the demos and after asking if they were interested to join, they all said yes. We are very much looking forward to bringing you New Doom.”


“Juppe and I played together in Mary-Ann, the band that soon became To/Die/For. He is one of the best guitar players I know and his stage presence is amazing. He is a great rock guitarist. I have always been a huge fan of The Cult, so from Juppe I wanted this real, old school rock attitude on stage. 

I have known Jussi from his bands Hanging Garden and The Chant. Jussi is a very talented musician and also gifted with production skills so, after we had talked about this new adventure of mine, I knew right away I wanted him onboard. He has been my right hand with recordings and production.”


“Ande plays bass in Mercury Circle because he is absolutely amazing onstage. I have experienced his charisma live with Sleep Of Monsters, that dwells on the same kind of deep and dark waters like Mercury Circle and also with the legendary Rytmihäiriö. He is also a close friend of mine and a person who makes people around him feel good. That is an important quality when you think about line-ups.” 


“I saw Jaska on stage like 40 times on when we were on a same tour in North Americaand every evening he gave his 100% and it was also beautiful how he interacted with the audience. I am so happy I followed my intuition and asked him to join MC, because he is just so full of crazy ideas and oh boy we had so much fun in studio when recording the drums for the album. We were challenging each other with who comes up with the most berserk arrangement ideas and we recorded them all.”

Album and EP releases on Noble Demon:

Single releases on Noble Demon:



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