Oceanhoarse might be a newcomer in the field of heavy metal, but boy have they been coming fast – and loud. The Helsinki-based band with Ben Varon (ex-Amoral) on the guitar, Jyri Helko (Warmen, ex-For The Imperium) on the bass, Oskari Niemi on the drums and Joonas Kosonen on the vocals have already been touring widely in Finland, Tokyo, Japan and all around Europe (supporting Nightwish singer-bassist Marko Hietala).

The band released “The Damage Is Done – LIVE!” album from that tour on June 2020, and Oceanhoarse’s debut studio album will be released in August 2021 on Noble Demon!

Indeed, the heavy metal group makes a statement against computerized metal music where it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not – with this band, praised for their wild energy on stage, what you see is what you get, with no backing tracks; a rarity in the heavy music field these days. 

Featured also on the soundtrack of the massively popular video game Wreckfest, Oceanhoarse‘s singles have streamed already close to two million times only on Spotify.

The band describes itself with the words: ”We are Oceanhoarse from Helsinki, Finland and we play heavy fucking metal.”

Album release on the Noble Demon label:

Single releases on the Noble Demon label:

Current Videos:

Heads Will Roll (Official Music Video)

Fields of Severed Dreams (Official Lyric Video)

Fading Neons (Official Lyric Video)

From Hell To Oblivion (Official Music Video)

Only (Anthrax Cover) [Official Lyric Video]

The Damage (Official Lyric Video)

Reaching Skywards (Official Lyric Video)

One with the Gun (Official Music Video)

Locks (Official Music Video)


🎵 Oceanhoarse release lyric video and new single “Fading Neons” (Noble Demon)

Oceanhoarse from Helsinki, Finland, is one of those exciting acts that never stands still. Having recently released their debut studio album “Dead Reckoning” via Noble Demon, the band continues to stay busy, releasing the track “Fading Neons” today. Oceanhoarse comments: “Before the new album, we’ve wanted to release this gem from the archives that we recorded…


Oceanhoarse cover with “Only” the perfect song (Noble Demon)

In honor of the 40th anniversary of iconic thrash metallers Anthrax, Finland’s Oceanhoarse have released a cover version of the band’s classic “Only”. Coming along as a lyric video and in the unmistakable & groove-laden style of Oceanhoarse, this version should not only please die-hard fans. The band comments: “James Hetfield once called Only ‘a perfect song’.…


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To celebrate its two-year anniversary in a fitting way, the Noble Demon label has released the second label compilation. “Noble Demonic Metal – Chapter 2” shows the diversity of the label and unites the roster family under the black Christmas tree. To celebrate its second anniversary in glorious style, German rising powerhouse Noble Demon has…


Oceanhoarse release new lyric video just before tour: “Fields of Severed Dreams”

In support of their latest album “Dead Reckoning”, Finland’s very own Oceanhoarse have shared a brand new lyric video for the track “Fields of Severed Dreams”. Furthermore the band will hit the road soon for an extensive 22-days-run, together with Swedish progressive metal masters Soen and Port Noir. Tickets are available at this location and the…


Oceanhoarse are touring Europe with Soen and “Port Noir”

After releasing their critically acclaimed full-length album “Dead Reckoning” on August 20th (Noble Demon),  Finland’s very own Oceanhoarse have announced a new set of European tour dates together with Swedish progressive metal masters Soen and Port Noir. The extensive 22-days-run through no less than 11 countries will take place in November and December 2021 and tickets are…