Artkeim² is a label of UCM.ONE for very special films. They are bizarre, they make people think or break a taboo. Every film released on the label Artkeim² is special and absolutely worth seeing. Artheim-movies are Arthouse in the original sense.

The name Artkeim² consists of the two parts Art- for Art and -keim (Keim” is the German name for “origin” or “embryo”). The “2 in the square” at the end  symbolizes the connection to the city of Mannheim and also includes a reference to the fact that Mannheim is also known as “Die Quadratenstadt” because of the blocks in the city center. The film label Artkeim², which in the meantime has settled in Berlin, was originally founded in Mannheim.

But beware: films for “casually look” or “watching on a sideline” are not on the label Artkeim². You should take the time to look at these cinematographic works in calm and to be on.

Feature films

The following feature films with fictional or narrated acts were previously published on the film label Artheim²:

More information about the films listed above (synopsis, backgrounds, trailers, participants & actors, awards) you can get by clicking on the poster of the film you want to get more information about.

Édition ParaSol Videothèque

The Édition ParaSol Videothèque was founded in 2018 because of the 80th birthday of the actress Romy Schneider. The edition of the label Artkeim² puts the focus on high-quality French Arthaus film classics with an emphasis on dramas, where also intersections and points of contact with thriller or comedies are possible. The goal is to publish the selected films in remastered versions in HD.

Films with the actress Romy Schneider in the leading role:

More information about the films with Romy Schneider listed above (synopsis, backgrounds, trailers, participants & actors, awards) you can get by clicking on the poster of the film you want to get more information about.

Édition Film Noir

The term “Film Noir” was first used in 1946 by the French film critic Nino Frank. After the end of the Second World War Hollywood movies came to Europe, which were perceived as a group here because of their gloomy mood and their contrasting black and white aesthetics. The roots of Film Noir lie both in German expressionist silent film and in the US crime literature of the 1920s and 1930s. Accordingly, the films are mostly characterized by a pictorial design dominated by strong chiaroscuro contrasts, mysterious or bitter protagonists and often play in urban milieus with shady private detectives between the fronts, gangsters and dangerously beautiful women. The focus is on crime and violence, existential crises and broken relationships.

The Édition Film Noir on the label Artkeim² was founded in 2019. On this label new Film Noir pearls are regularly released physically and digitally. Each new film of the numbered series will be available in a limited media book.

DVD releases of the Édition Film Noir without limitation:

Blu-Ray releases of the Édition Film Noir without limitation:

More information about the films listed above (synopsis, backgrounds, trailers, participants & actors, awards) you can often get by clicking on the poster of the film you want to get more information about.

Original Soundtracks

What would films be without the right music? For this reason, UCM.ONE also releases the corresponding “Original Soundtracks” for some films. While the term “soundtrack” literally refers to the “sound track” with parts of sounds, music and effects of a film, TV programme or show, the abbreviation “OST” or the term “original soundtrack” usually stands for the music that can be heard in the film, although usually only excerpts of the entire music tracks are part in the film.

More information about the original soundtracks listed above (backgrounds, people involved) can be found by clicking on the cover of the soundtrack you want to know more about.


🎬 UCM.ONE presents “Holy Island” by Robert Manson at the Leipzig Film Art Fair

This week in Leipzig, the film releases of the next few months will be presented to German cinema professionals at AG Kino’s annual film art fair. UCM.ONE Filmverleih will present the Irish film “Holy Island” by director Robert Manson on Tuesday and Wednesday. Manson’s debut film “Lost in the Living” from 2015 was released by…

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🎬 Premiere of “Youth Topia” by Dennis Stormer at City Kino Wedding in Berlin

Last night, the City Kino Wedding in Berlin hosted the theatrical release premiere of the film “Youth Topia” (Artkeim²) by Dennis Stormer. Actors, film crew and guests came together to celebrate the launch of this film, which is now being shown nationwide on the UCM.ONE film distribution label Artkeim². “Youth Topia” takes a look at…

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🎬 “Youth Topia” by Dennis Stormer launches in theaters nationwide on the Artkeim² label

In the film distribution of UCM.ONE on the Artkeim² label, the film “Youth Topia” by Dennis Stormer opens nationwide today. The premiere will take place at 7pm at Berlin’s City Kino Wedding, and the entire film team will be present. “Youth Topia” takes viewers into a not-too-distant future in which an algorithm decides when adolescence…

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🎬 UCM.ONE is part of the 76th edition of the Locarno Film Festival

This year, the “Locarno Film Festival” is the 76th edition of the well-known international film festival that has been held in the city of Locarno in Switzerland since 1946. The main feature of the festival, which will take place from 2 to 12 August 2023, is of course still the open-air stage on the “Piazza…

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🎬 “Fish in the Fur” (Artkeim²) shown in more cinemas in 5th week of play

The youth film “Fish in the Fur” (Geman original title: “Fisch im Fell”)  by director Dean Benzin, produced by the Protestant Ladenkirche in Braunschweig, is starting its fifth week of screenings. After successful screenings at the Protestant Church Congress in Nuremberg and in selected cinemas in Germany, the film continues to expand its presence. In…

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🎵 Tracks from the “Fish in the Skin” soundtrack available today on streaming and download portals

Max Wege, the musician from Balgstädt who lives in Leipzig, has released a new song together with his colleague Charlie Paschen under the project name Porzellan. The track “Mein Geheimnis” (English: “My secret”) was released on Friday, 16 June 2023, on Artkeim² and is now available on all streaming and download portals. The two artists…

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