May 29, 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of Romy Schneider‘s tragic death. UCM.ONE is taking this in cooperation with moviemax as an occasion to release three cinematic masterpieces at the Édition ParaSol Videothèque from the mid-1970s with which Romy Schneider rose irrevocably to the Olympus of the Grandes Dames of French cinema. They are newly scanned in 4k and full HD and restored and will be available as limited-edition, high-quality mediabooks with extensive bonus material.

That most Important Thing: Love (by Andrzej Żuławski)

April 29 sees the release of “That most Important Thing: Love” from 1975, the first film by Polish director Andrzej Żuławski to be shot in France and a major scandal upon its release. Here Romy Schneider plays an unsuccessful actress trapped in a love triangle with Fabio Testi and Jacques Dutronc and alongside Klaus Kinski in a memorable supporting role. For her performance, she received her first César as Best Actress in a Leading Role in 1976 – incidentally, the first ever awarded in this category.

More information about the movie: That Most Important Thing: Love

The Infernal Trio (by Francis Girod)

May will see the release of “The Infernal Trio” by Francis Girod from 1974, featuring Romy Schneider with her long-time film partner Michel Piccoli and the young Mascha Gonska – based on a true story – as a murderous trio wreaking havoc in the South of France in the 1930s. The fantastic music for this bloody black comedy with thriller elements and plenty of eroticism was composed by Ennio Morricone.

The Old Gun (by Robert Enrico)

Finally, “The Old Gun” will be released. Here Philippe Noiret is Romy Schneider‘s screen partner in a revenge drama set at the time of the German occupation of France during the Second World War.  The film has a very interesting history: in order not to offend the audience in the FRG too much, some “defusing” scenes with Wehrmacht soldiers were shot as alternative editing material. This was then included in the version for West Germany, while the original version was shown in the GDR. For this reason, there is also a West German and an East German dubbed version. UCM.ONE is now releasing the West German cut and sound version in full HD for the first time, and the bonus material goes into detail about the differences between the two versions.

Teaser [2022] (German) ᴴᴰ

All 3 films will also be shown in the new high-definition and restored versions in selected cinemas such as the Brotfabrik in Berlin. Likewise, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his death, the films can also be found at MUBI and Kino on Demand.