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“The Old Gun” with Romy Schneider now digitally remastered on VoD portals

On 23.09.2018 Romy Schneider would be 80 years old. To commemorate this milestone anniversary, UCM.ONE is releasing the film “The Old Gun”(1975) as part of the Édition ParaSol Videothèque by the label Artkeim² in a new digitally re-sampled and restored HD version nearly everywhere in the world on VoD-platforms for the first time. The film by Robert…

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UCM.ONE releases the DVD box “Masterpieces” for the 80th birthday of Romy Schneider

Romy Schneider could have celebrated her 80th birthday on September 23, 2018. Unfortunately, the exceptional actress, however, already died at the age of 44 years. Already at the age of 15, she became known worldwide through the “Sissi films”. In 1958, Romy Schneider went to Paris to get sophisticated roles in France and finally put…

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