World Sales

UCM.ONE not only distributes films in Germany but it operates as well as a world sales company. We hold the international theatrical rights for the majority of the films that we bring into cinemas in Germany as well as the international home entertainment rights for a great number of films in our catalogue. Our aim is to bring outstanding feature films to the international market and audiences worldwide, specializing in arthouse and documentary films, works by emerging talents and film classics.

Currently we offer among others the following films worldwide:

Notes of Berlin

by Mariejosephin Schneider | GER 2020

Inspired by real notes and notices from Berlin’s streetscape, “Notes of Berlin” by Mariejosephin Schneider takes an amused, insightful look at people and situations that might be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the city.

More information: Notes of Berlin

 Albträumer | Dark Dreamers

by Philipp Klinger | Drama | GER 2020

17-year-old Rebekka feels a deep emptiness since the suicide of her brother. She finally finds access to her pain through his best friend Vincent. A love affair develops that is as healing as it is destructive.

More information: Dark Dreamers


by Lisa Charlotte Friederich | Drama | GER 2020

In a near future, the world is in a lockdown because of terrorist threats. Psychologist Claire plans a secret concert in front of an audience with her brother Aurel, a trumpet player who has only performed in front of virtual audiences for years.

More information: Live


by Eline Gehring | Drama | GER 2021

The cheerful Nico becomes the victim of a racially motivated attack that makes her painfully aware that she does not belong as self-evidently as she always thought. She wants to overcome the trauma with rigorous karate training.

More information: Nico

Kahlschlag | A Clear Felling

by Max Gleschinski | Thriller | GER 2018

The thriller “Kahlschlag” is genre cinema that is as disturbing as it is surprising and that poses the question of good and evil in every human being. It has been aptly described by one critic as “Fargo in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern”.

More information: A Clear Felling


by Lara Hewitt | Comedy | UK 2018

Valentine, an out-of-work New York actor, travels across the Atlantic in order to discover his German roots and stay at the ‘datsche’ or summer cottage that he inherited from his grandfather.

More information: Datsche

Schwimmen | Swimming

by Luzie Loose | Drama | GER 2018

“Swimming” tells the story of Elisa and Anthea, two very different girls whose friendship develops a destructive dynamic that becomes threatening for everyone who gets in their way. The girls turn from victims into perpetrators.

More information: Swimming

Everything Always All The Time

by Philipp Eichholtz | Comedy | GER 2018

Kim and Andreas are a pretty happy couple, but Kim wants more. She wants a penis. Not because she would like to be a man, but simply because she is curious… What happens if your girlfriend suddenly has a penis? And is love only for idiots?

More information: Everything Always All the Time

Small Planets

by Dirk Manthey | Documentary | GER 2018

“Small Planets” is a discovery to remote places in Europe. Right in the middle and yet outside, they are exemplary of a life behind invisible walls. To reach them you have to cross oceans and overcome fears and prejudices.

More information: Small Planets

Character One: Susan

by Tim Leinhard | Documentary | GER 2018

Susan, in her early 50s, is a very attractive woman. But the half Italian, born at the beginning of the 60s in Berlin, is bipolar and has a schizoaffective disorder. Still, the queen of the Berlin techno clubs of the 90s is a survivor and …

More information: Character One: Susan

The Skin of Others

by Thomas Stiller | Drama | GER 2018

Marc Deville is a successful writer of erotic literature and he is a porn addict. As soon as it comes to close encounters with the other sex he is completely unable to deal with it. His sex-life only works for him if he puts a camera between …

More information: The Skin of Others

Rückenwind von vorn | Away You Go

by Philipp Eichholtz | Drama | GER 2018

They say it‘s easy to grow up but hard to be a grown-up. Berliner Charlie is certainly finding it damn hard differentiating between her own expectations and those of the people around her. What Charlie needs is a breath of fresh air.

More information: Away you go

Breakdown in Tokyo

by Zoltan Paul | Comedy | GER 2018

Film director Laszlo accompanies his son and his band on a tour through Japan in order to shoot a documentary. But soon the project is endangered by Laszlo’s instant attraction to the band’s young and beautiful tour manager Nahoko.

More information: Breakdown in Tokyo

Queen of Niendorf

by Joya Thome | Children | GER 2017

In Brandenburg haben gerade die Sommerferien begonnen, doch die zehnjährige Lea (Lisa Moell) fährt in diesem Jahr nicht wie sonst mit ihren Freundinnen ins Ferienlager. Überhaupt findet sie die anderen Mädchen zunehmend seltsamer …

More information: Queen of Niendorf

In the Inner Circle

by Hannes Obens & Claudia Morar | GER 2017

Four spies that had been undercover in left-wing circles in Hamburg and Heidelberg have been exposed. The people they spied on tell their stories, as well as those politically and legally responsible.

More information: In the Inner Circle


by Stefan Schwenk | Horror | GER 2017

In Germany, more and more people are disappearing. Behind the mysterious missing person cases are no suspected wolf attacks, but vampires, which have their origin in the Middle Ages …

More information: Montrak

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism

by Harald Reinl | Horror | GER 1967

This German horror classic, based on the short story „The Pit and the Pendulum“ by Edgar Allan Poe, stars Christopher Lee, Lex Barker and Karin Dor. The film will be released digitally restored for home entertainment this year.

More information: The Torture Chamber of …

Die endlose Nacht | The Endless Night

by Will Tremper | Drama | GER 1963

Mist over Tempelhof. Due to bad weather conditions, all flights to West Germany have to be canceled today. Likewise, before tomorrow morning not to count on landings in Berlin-Tempelhof..

More information: The Endless Night

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