World Sales

UCM.ONE not only distributes films in Germany but it operates as well as a world sales company. We hold the international theatrical rights for the majority of the films that we bring into cinemas in Germany as well as the international home entertainment rights for a great number of films in our catalogue. Our aim is to bring outstanding feature films to the international market and audiences worldwide, specializing in arthouse and documentary films, works by emerging talents and film classics.

Currently we offer among others the following films worldwide:

 Talk to me | Sprich mit mir

by Janin Halisch | Drama | DE 2023

Karo is newly separated and is struggling with her non-existent relationship with her father. When her mother Michaela takes her on holiday to Rügen, the trip quickly turns out to be a trip into the past …

More information: Talk to me

One Hundred Four

by Jonathan Schörnig | Doku | DE 2023

How a sea rescue can take place is beyond imagination. The real-time documentary  brings this dramatic situation closer. The film shows how agonisingly long it takes to rescue 104 people from a sinking rubber dinghy.

More information: One Hundred Four

House of Silence | Haus der Stille

by Simone Geißler | Thriller | DE 2023

The successful author Sorel Malkow (Simone Geißler) retreats to the Lüneburg Heath to write her new novel in a remote estate. The further the novel develops, the more strange and unsettling the events become.

More information: House of Silence

Soultribe – A Dance of Life

by Stefan Rainer | Drama | AT/DE 2023

On the path of visionaries, artists and entrepreneurs Stefan & Jenny, Patrick & Johanna and Maik & Dunja, there are always hurdles to overcome, such as the balancing act between family life and professional projects.

More information: Soultribe


by Julius Schultheiß | Thriller | DE 2023

Samir is part of a social circle of friends. One evening, his friend Basil suddenly leaves the group and doesn’t return. Shortly afterwards, Samir’s night shift begins, he gets into a taxi and we follow him for 24 hours …

More information: Monolith


by Steffen Maurer | Thriller | DE 2023

Lena, an open-minded primary school teacher, accompanies her boyfriend Ole together with his brother Lasse  to the village of his childhood and youth. But what initially feels like a relaxing break soon puts their relationship to an existential test.

More information: Darlings

Surviving Brandenburg

by Zoltan Paul & Ben von Grafenstein | DE 2023

Laszlo Kovac, auteur filmmaker, is denied funding for his film project. When a right-wing populist stands as the only candidate for mayor in the village of 120 souls, Laszlo puts himself forward as a liberal counter-candidate.

More information: Surviving Brandenburg

Berlin Bytch Love

by H. Aufdermauer & J. Girke | Doku | DE 2022

Sophie, 15, and Dominik, 17, have been living on the streets around Görlitzer Park for six months. Their everyday life is characterised by a struggle for survival, including sleeping in doorways, collecting bottles and begging.

More information: Berlin Bytch Love

Kiss My Wounds

by Hanna Doose | Drama | DE 2022

They were best friends when life-hungry director Maria, young actress Laura and DJ Jan were shaking up Berlin’s artistic and nightlife scene. Now, after years of radio silence, the three meet again  in the Black Forest …

More information: Kiss My Wounds

Junk Space Berlin

by Juri Padel | Science Fiction | DE 2022

A rift runs through Berlin, splitting the city in two. When the AI ‘Billie’ disappears between these worlds, her friend Marion tries to follow her digital trail with the help of former activist and hacker Blue …

More information: Junk Space Berlin

Fish in the Fur | Fisch im Fell

by Dean Benzin | Adventure | DE 2022

Once a year, the village youth group goes away for a few days to experience fellowship and leisure away from home. But this time it’s going to be more than just fun and relaxation. Much more…

More information: Fish in the Fur

All Through the Hall

by Falko Jakobs | Thriller | DE 2022

Ben, who wants to leave his past behind him and is looking for a normal life, works as a security guard in a warehouse. But his past catches up with him when strangers break into the warehouse and the gangster Gruber is expected.

More information: All Through the Hall

Forces | Gewalten

by Constantin Hatz | Drama | DE 2022

14-year-old Daniel lives in an isolated village. In the forest he meets Marcel, an outcast. Both are united by their receptivity to the comforting silence of the forest and an intense relationship with nature.

More information: Forces

Holy Island

by Robert Manson | Drama | IE 2021

The film tells the story of two lost souls, Rosa and David, who are trapped in purgatory in the form of a run-down harbour town. They meet while waiting for a boat to leave the island and both long to return home.

More information: Holy Island

Youth Topia

by Dennis Stromer | Comedy | CH/DE 2021

Portrait of a generation that is beginning to understand that a lonely path is being taken with self-realisation. A story about Wanja, who is turned into an adult by the “algorithm” that ubiquitously dominates the near future.

More information: Youth Topia

Second Thoughts

by Zora Rux | Comedy | DE 2021

What would happen if you showed each other your thoughts? How much honesty can a relationship take? In “Ich Ich Ich”, director Zora Rux tells a surrealistic-comic story about the search for the true self in poetic tableaux.

More information: Second Thoughts

Heiko’s Word | Heikos Welt

by Dominik Galizia | Comady | GER 2021

The film “Heiko’s World” about (and with) the Berlin cult cat Heiko is a wacky, loving ode to – and odyssey through – Berlin’s corner bars with their very own fauna of original characters and rules. A film about beer, darts and mother love.

More information: Heiko’s World


by Eline Gehring | Drama | DE 2021

The cheerful Nico becomes the victim of a racially motivated attack that makes her painfully aware that she does not belong as self-evidently as she always thought. She wants to overcome the trauma with rigorous karate training.

More information: Nico

The Ugly Truth | Die wahre Schönheit

by Krishna Ashu Bhati | Drama | DE 2021

Theo always dreamed of a career as a writer, but always failed because of his fear of failure. After the tragic suicide of his first wife thirteen years ago, he found support in her sister Mona. But a serious accident leaves Mona with a crippled leg.

More information: The Ugly Truth


by David Klammer | Documentary | DE 2021

In order to save the Dannenröder Forest from being cleared for a new highway route, climate activists occupied the forest. For more than a year, they lived in tree houses, creating an alternative living and open space.

More information: Barricade

 Trümmermädchen – Germany Year Zero

by Oliver Kracht | Drama | DE 2021

Germany, 1946. Charlotte is pregnant, but her beloved homecomer wants neither her nor his child. To win him over and escape the impending disgrace, she enrols in the „Fräulein Course“ run by actress Gloria Deven.

More information about the movie

Notes of Berlin

by Mariejosephin Schneider | DE 2020

Inspired by real notes and notices from Berlin’s streetscape, “Notes of Berlin” by Mariejosephin Schneider takes an amused, insightful look at people and situations that might be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the city.

More information: Notes of Berlin


by Lisa Charlotte Friederich | Drama | DE 2020

In a near future, the world is in a lockdown because of terrorist threats. Psychologist Claire plans a secret concert in front of an audience with her brother Aurel, a trumpet player who has only performed in front of virtual audiences for years.

More information: Live

 Dark Dreamers | Albträumer

by Philipp Klinger | DE | GER 2020

17-year-old Rebekka feels a deep emptiness since the suicide of her brother. She finally finds access to her pain through his best friend Vincent. A love affair develops that is as healing as it is destructive.

More information: Dark Dreamers

The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism

by Harald Reinl | Horror | DE 1967

This German horror classic, based on the short story „The Pit and the Pendulum“ by Edgar Allan Poe, stars Christopher Lee, Lex Barker and Karin Dor. The film will be released digitally restored for home entertainment this year.

More information: The Torture Chamber of …

The Endless Night | Die endlose Nacht

by Will Tremper | Drama | DE 1963

Mist over Tempelhof. Due to bad weather conditions, all flights to West Germany have to be canceled today. Likewise, before tomorrow morning not to count on landings in Berlin-Tempelhof..

More information: The Endless Night

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