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🎵 “Flockentanz Remixes” by Boris Brejcha available from today on the Harthouse label

The 2024 “Flockentanz” remake by Boris Brejcha himself underlines his continuous evolution as an artist. With energetic beats and an unmistakable style that invites you to dance, this track shows Brejcha’s ability to evolve his music while staying true to his signature sounds. The Nusha Remix by Nusha adds an intense, hypnotic quality that transforms…

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🎵 Sikora & Drea Perlon present a captivating symbiosis of techno and indie dance (Harthouse)

Let’s get ready for an extraordinary musical experience born from the creative collaboration between Sikora and Drea Perlon. These artists have joined forces to create a track that combines the essence of honest techno and indie dance with mesmerising vocals. This work promises not only to conquer the dancefloors, but also to penetrate deep into…

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