Hailing from Querétaro, Mexico, Thrash Metal maniacs Tulkas are set to release their hotly anticipated new EP, „The Beginning Of The End“, on August 28th via Germany’s Metal institution Noble Demon. With ten years of career and two studio albums in the books, Tulkasare true masters of their craft, creating memorable, rousing and infinitely energetic material. Furious rapid fire riffing and relentless speedy tempos, ending up in pure Thrash excellence.

Their ecstatic sound brought them not only sharing the stages with Lamb of God, Havok, Onslaught, Nervosa among many others, but also playing the biggest festivals in Mexico as well as prestigious European Festival names, such as Wacken Open Air in 2016.

On their upcoming EP, „The Beginning Of The End“, Tulkas renewed their classic Thrash Metal sound and turned into the new wave of Thrash Metal, with more aggresive, fast and technical compositions, being the perfect appetizer for a full length to follow in the not so distant future.

The current band members of Tulkas are Javier Trapero (vocals), José Chávez (guitar), Edgar Castañeda (guitar), Memo Mendoza (bass) and Aruh Cárdenas (drums).

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Beginning Of The End

Outsider God Creation [O.G.C.]


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