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The label NONFY Documentaries (short: NONFY) was founded in 2018 by UCM.ONE. The name contains the words “no” and “fiction“, as documentary films, especially in the English-speaking world, are also called “non-fiction movies” as distinct from feature films (“fiction movies“). The term documentary was first used in 1926 by John Gierson.

John Gierson defined this then new genre as “the creative treatment of reality“. What did he mean by that? In principle, a documentary always gives the viewer the expectation of being authentic and merely showing facts. A documentary film can never be a mere depiction of reality, since every documentary film is made through the eyes of the producers, the camera work and choice of filmed materials and the editing of the film.

Therefore, the creators of a documentary film label have the special task of selecting not only qualitative aspects but also documentary films that address relevant topics, are interesting, stimulate thoughtful thinking or get to the bottom of the challenges of our time. Exciting…..


The following documentary films were previously published on the film label NONFY Documentaries:

More information about the documentary films listed above (contents, trailers, participants, prices) can be found on the catalogue films page.


Trailer "Der innere Kreis"

Trailer "The last Giants"

Trailer "Los Reyes"


“The Hidden City” (NONFY Documentaries) available now from UCM.ONE

The award-winning documentary “The Hidden City” by director Víctor Moreno is now available in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland in the theatrical distribution of the UCM.ONE. The documentary “The Hidden City” (Original title in Spanish: “La ciudad oculta”), which appears on the film label NONFY Documentaries, deals with the world under our feet. For this he…

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UCM.ONE will be present at the 72nd edition of “Festival del film Locarno 2019”

The “Festival del film Locarno” – this year from 7 to 17 August 2019 – is the 72nd edition of the well-known international film festival, which has taken place in the city of Locarno in Switzerland since 1946. Following the departure of artistic director Carlo Chatrian to the Berlinale, Frenchwoman Lili Hinstin will be responsible…

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German premiere of the “Los Reyes (NONFY Documentaries) at the DOK.fest Munich

The documentary “Los Reyes” (NONFY Documentaries) celebrates its German premiere at Dok.fest Munich (May 8-19, 2019). The film tells the story of the Chilean skatepark-youth in Santiago from the perspective of two street dogs Chola and Football. The two strays listen to the conversations of the teenagers, who day after day hang out on their…

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“In the Inner Circle” (NONFY Documentaries) is now available on DVD and VoD

The documentary “In The Inner Circle” (German: “Im inneren Kreis”) is now available on DVD and VoD. The film by Hannes Obens and Claudia Morar describes the almost unbelievable twists of the undercover employments of Iris P. in Hamburg and Simon B. in Heidelberg. Both stories combine fundamental ethical and political issues and questions. Iris P.…

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“The Last Giants – when the sea dies” (NONFY Documentaries) now available on VoD portals

The Andalusian and Moroccan coasts are popular as a holiday paradise. However, until a few years ago, neither science nor the public was aware of what a natural paradise is the strait of Gibraltar, a narrow waterway between the continents of Europe and Africa: Here more whale species live in a confined space than anywhere…

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The documentary “In the inner circle” from now on at UCM.ONE in theatrical distribution

The documentary “Im inneren Kreis” (English: “In the inner circle”) by Hannes Obens and Claudia Morar, which will be distributed from now on UCM.ONE (NONFY Documentaries), describes the already almost unbelievable twists of the undercover employments of Iris P. in Hamburg and Simon B. in Heidelberg. Both assignments combine fundamental ethical and political topics and…

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