Mole Listening Pearls

Smart from the outside, deep from the inside!

The task to define Mole* borders on sheer impossibility, as Mole manages to metamorphose into almost anything without losing its distinctive identity. Mole moves in the realm of electronic music, so much for sure. Mole oscillates between the poles of abstraction and club suitability by consciously transcending established genres or any kind of categorisation. The objective
of Mole is to release good Music of true artists while generating positive vibes. Sounds banal, but hits the bull´s eye. The artists and their music create an acoustic mosaic which is constantly reassembled but always remains recognisable. A paradox: although there is no typical Mole sound, you can immediately feel and sense the sound of Mole. The resolution to this paradox is anchored in the label´s core ideas and the mission of the Mole artists. The mission of the artists can be found in their music with the music being their message. The core ideas of Mole include the determined willingness to foster its artists and to provide them with time and space to develop their message. Mole does not steal a glance on short-term success but has its eye on long-term building up. The resulting quality is the trademark of Mole.

The whole thing is quite obviously an experiment: an open production process with unpredictable outcome – subjected to continuous control of ground-breaking potential and quality.. But life in general can be seen as an experiment, can´t it? And does not nature create new forms every day? Mole is like life: incalculable, inexhaustible, multi-faceted, lustrous and prolific. Mole is constantly in motion and generates new formats. Mole is sound evolution.



The quality of “Mole music” draws from its sensuousness. The music does not aim at superficial effects, is never trivial nor shallow but deep, pulsating, reviving, sensible, tolerant – and therefore outstanding. Mole has a smart surface and knows how to adorn itself with it. Mole invites you to take joy in the pleasures of life: at art openings, on designer sofas, under silky sheets, but also in laid-back clubs, in steaming bathrooms or in front of fireplaces loaded with flickering desire. Mole provides the sound to all the moods in your life. But underneath, there are numerous hidden layers which call for exploration. Whoever starts digging, experiences the other dimension of Mole stimulating the perceptiveness of the senses, allowing deep insights and expanding the horizon of your mind.

At this point, Mole does not stop but rather takes another step by targeting the realm of the visual aesthetic. Since the origin of the label, the ongoing and continuous collaboration with only a view picky excellent graphic designers – this is also an eminent part within the label´s philosophy. They translate and transform the sounds of Mole into a compelling visual concept. Every chosen image for a Mole product may be the starting point for a potential journey of the mind, abounding with stories and impressions. Concept-oriented design, careful and loving attention to detail as well as highly-polished typographical work are more important than what may be currently “in” or “trendy”. This is intense brain-work with heart and soul. At Mole, acoustic and visual aestethic go hand in hand to create listening pearls with long-lasting value.



Mole Listening Pearls is the home from artists like Naomi, Alphawezen, The Casino Royal, Moon Pollennor elle, Minus 8Mourah, Ohm Square, Robert Manos, Märtini Brös, Lemongrass, Audio Lotion, Superluminal, Marcel, Ohm-GAirmateKrisztian DobrocsiTony Match, Tokyo Counterpoint, Moodorama, Geb.el, The Burhorn, Bassface Sascha, Das Lushlife Projekt, The Tubbs, Gabor Deutsch, Hazelpark, Q-Point, Digital Alkemist and many more…

* The somewhat unusual term “Mole” roots from W. Gibson´s trilogy of novels “Neuromancer” and denotes a special kind of computer virus. This virus represents the first generation of ´invasion programs´, the so called ´ice-breakers´ which enable the cyberpunks to hack any other program. The term ´ice-breaker´ stemming from ´ICE´ (intrusion counterattack equipment) contributed to one of the pioneering compilation series on Mole (“Breaking The Ice”, meanwhile further developed under a new name and concept). Accordingly, “Mole music” is meant to break up and thaw the preconceived and frozen structures of the human mind and to create space for new ideas, feelings and attitudes.

Current albums on Mole Listening Pearls

Current EPs und singles on Mole Listening Pearls


The eighties are reinvented by “The Tubbs” (Mole Listening Pearls)

The ever-changing music industry always motivates artists to redesign and renew themselves, which fortunately takes shape in creativity and in new projects springing into existence. Artists of the labels Mole Listening Pearls and Plastic City, in this case Forteba (Krisztian Dobrocsi) and Marcel aka Carmel (Marcell Dudas), have mostly chosen fusion as the way to express the…

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Tony Match – Love & Light” (Mole Listening Pearls) released as forerunner of the upcoming album

Today we celebrate the release of the 3rd single „Love & Light“ from Tony Match’s forthcoming album. Mediterranean housy beats and one markable String are the main parts of this song…. Influenced by the famous Jazzmen and jazz labels, Tony Match started the music lessons at 7. At 18 he received his College state music Diploma.…

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