There are way too many artists nowadays who rather jump on a traveling train instead of going their own ways and therefore lack the opportunity to explore new musical spheres. A person who’s been brave enough to believe in his own is Kaori. Born and raised in the Japan, Kaori has not only experimented with different genres but has also earned some major reputation for doing so. Be it Lounge, Breakbeat, Easy Listening or Ambient, she is able to move elegantly in any circles.

With the help of the production masterminds Soul G & Tony Match the re-release of the album “Flow” fits perfectly to our Mole Listening Pearls catalogue and we’re very excited to share this album with you. Available from November 20th 2020 on all major download and streaming portals.

Kaori - Make Me Crazy (Teaser) | Mole Listening Pearls

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