Harthouse is a “living legend” of techno music. Since 1992, the label has been style-defining for an entire genre. The sound of Harthouse defined itself in the beginning as Sound of Frankfurt. It was a harder version of “trance” and thus also the antithesis of the (West-)Berlin techno scene of the late 80s.

In just a few years Harthouse became known worldwide, its artists advanced to stars of the international techno scene in the 90s with notable international chart successes, such as “Hardtrance Acperience” by Hardfloor, “Adventures of Dama” by Cybordelics or “Trommelmaschine” by Der Dritte Raum. Acts like Resistance D conquered club stages worldwide with their spectacular live gigs.

High-quality tracks were to re-establish the sound of the label (now based in Mannheim) after the turn of the millennium with, at the beginning, relatively unknown artists such as Zoo Brazil, Gui Boratto, Joey Beltram, Joel Mull, Jesper Dahlbäck, Alexi Delano. Above all Boris Brejcha advanced since 2006 on Harthouse to one of the currently most successful and most important techno producers and DJs in Europe.

In 2017, Harthouse came full circle, moving from Mannheim to Berlin and now becoming part of the capital’s music scene. In addition to new releases and re-releases by established Harthouse artists and bands such as Eternal Basement, Der Dritte Raum, Boris Brejcha, and Resistance D, the new “Berlin time” also saw the release of tracks by well-known artists such as Frank De Wulf, CJ Bolland, Tom Wax, and Ken Ishii. At the same time, new artists such as Smilla, sikØra, or DJ Lion continue to join the ranks and release on Harthouse.

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Artists on Harthouse (selection)

Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha, the “new German techno” artist born in 1981 and raised in Frankenthal, is one of the most influential producers and DJs in Europe. Sound design from another planet, functional, intelligent arrangements, clever elements between “handmade” and cinematic and always surprising ideas characterize the music of the exceptional talent Boris Brejcha. He is one of the most productive musicians of our time and despite the seemingly short intervals between his releases, his tracks don’t sound like assembly line work laid out according to a certain scheme.

More information: Boris Brejcha

Der Dritte Raum

Andreas Krüger, aka Der Dritte Raum, is the man behind the most stirring electronic music of the last 25 years. But he prefers not to talk about himself. “The least important thing in everything I do is myself,” he says. “It’s about the music.” But of course, there would be no music – no epic anthems like “Hale Bopp” or transcendent melodies like “Electric Friends” without his creativity, vision and technical virtuosity, honed by a lifelong fascination with sound.

More information: Der Dritte Raum

DJ Lion

Zhivorad Milich aka DJ Lion has managed to surprise his listeners time and again since the late 90s. The techno workaholic with Serbian roots eludes all genre pigeonholes and skillfully wanders between worlds with influences from East and West. His versatility is a true joy for every techno enthusiast.

More information: DJ Lion


In 1992, “Acperience” by Hartfloor was released on Harthouse and became one of the techno club hits of the early 1990s. The concise use of the TB 303 became the trademark of Hardfloor. The two Rhinelanders also have a fan base especially in Japan, the home country of the TB 303. Many international gigs took place at festivals like Tribal Gathering and Universe in the UK, Arvikafestival in Sweden, Quart Festival in Norway, as well as Mayday, Time Warp and Nature One in Germany.

More information: Hardfloor

Resistance D

Resistance D is a hard house act of the first hour. It consisted of the Frankfurt producers Maik Maurice and Pascal F.E.O.S., who unfortunately passed away way too early in May 2020. They are responsible for various techno anthems like “Dark Side”, “Airwalker”, “Human” and “Impression”. A trip through the music history of the 90s, which will also receive a continuation in the near future….

More information: Resistance D


Stephan Straka aka Sikora is a producer in the field of electronic music. This statement is correct, but it does not do justice to his impressive dedication to music or his actual talent, which is creating new sounds and breaking musical boundaries. Harthouse prefers to think of Sikora as a “musicologist” or even a “surgeon,” based on his attention to detail and accurate working methods.

More information: Sikora


German techno prodigy Smilla gained the attention of Harthouse some time ago, as numerous releases impressively prove. The likeable man from Baden embodies techno and each new disc is tantamount to a tribute to his favorite music genre. 2021 appeared on his album “Shift Sequence” techno in perfection.

More information: Smilla

Tom Wax

Already in the early 90s, Tom Wax wrote techno history with his projects Arpeggiators, Microdots and DJ Tom & Norman and tracks like Cosmic Evolution, Freedom of Expression and Tales of Mystery on labels like R&S, Harthouse or Overdrive. Even after more than 20 years behind the decks, Tom never tires and proves this impressively on labels like Great Stuff, Suara, Plastic City, Phuture Wax and of course Harthouse.

More information: Tom Wax

Zoo Brazil

John Andersson, better known as Zoo Brazil, is a Swedish multiplatinum Grammy-nominated record producer, songwriter and DJ based in Stockholm. Andersson has written music for various Hollywood films, television shows such as Nip/Tuck and channels such as BBC, Discovery, MTV, HBO, Channel 4 and. In 2012, he composed music for the opening ceremony of the Paraolympics in London.

More information: Zoo Brazil

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🎵 First single “Lost Machines” from the upcoming album “Desidero” by Humantronic (Harthouse)

With “Lost Machines”, the French producer and DJ Humantronic expressively introduces his new LP “Desidero”, which is available for pre-order for the first time on the release day of the single. With dynamic characteristics, a concise motif and prominence of keys and bassline, Humantronic opens the release with “Lost Machines”. The track is strikingly characterised…

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🎵 Limited “Boris Brejcha – Classic Collectors Box (Part 1)” on vinyl in presale [Harthouse].

The “Classic Collectors Box (Part 1)” of the Classics series by Boris Brejcha is released with 6 vinyls in colour-pressed 180gr vinyl in 2 versions. These noble and very limited special editions by Boris Brejcha – the “Classic Collectors Box (Part 1)”, which include titles from the years 2007 and 2008, can be pre-ordered now.…

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🎵 The EP “My Madness” by Rico Puestel available everywhere as of today

Welcome to the world of electronic music with “My Madness”, the latest preview of Rico Puestel’s new album “There is Truth and Method to my Madness”. After the successful excursions “My Truth” and “My Method”, Rico Puestel takes us on another exciting journey through his unique musical vision. The EP contains three new tracks: “Pression”,…

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🎵 “My Method EP” from Rico Puestel’s upcoming album released (Harthouse)

After “My Truth” follows with “My Method” another foretaste of Rico Puestel’s upcoming album “There is Truth and Method to my Madness”. The EP contains the tracks “And Descend” and “Dualist”, which once again convince with Rico’s understanding of harmony and production talent. As a musicologist and Zappa enthusiast, Rico Puestel knows exactly how to…

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🎵 “My Truth” is a foretaste of the forthcoming album by Rico Puestel (Harthouse)

Experience the concentrated power of electronic music with Rico Puestel’s new EP “My Truth”. As an early trained pianist, self-taught guitarist and drummer, Rico Puestel has a deep understanding of music and its effect on the body and mind. His music is an expression of his personality – powerful, positive and constantly driven. “My Truth”…

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