Today Harthouse will release the most exciting techno and house record since the party and club life standstill in Corona. With the new album “Kommit“, Andreas Krüger from Der Dritte Raum (also know as The Third Room“) creates “another brilliant achievement, minimalist technoid sounds, unbelievably catchy and groovy.” (Quote from FazeMag 08/21).
In the summer, alternative and remix versions of the album tracks could already be admired on the radio and on various streaming services.
Today the original versions see the light of day: “Kommit” runs for 90 minutes and never gets bored. Andreas Krüger‘s music is exciting as a full-length blockbuster. Everything has speed, drive, esprit and humor.
The music of Der Dritte Raum has never been so close to pop. What a journey! And the titles of the album indicate the direction: “Kommit“, “Andromeda Mission“, “Gummihammer“, “Transporterraum” or “Dicke Disco“… This creaks, smells of sweat, glides elegantly into strange, but also well-known worlds . One surprising detail. The album features some vocals. Anke Hachfeld from the German band Mila Mar! Anke and Andreas Krüger met years ago in a hippie country flat in the German landside area.

The album “Kommit” by Der Dritte Raum will also be released as a limited vinyl edition, which can currently be pre-ordered via Bandcamp or in our Shop.

Der Dritte Raum – Kommit

(Limited 2×12″ Orange Splattered Vinyl in a Gatefolder)


Track list:

A1 Kommit (Album Version)

A2 Andromeda Mission (Album Version)


B1 Pictureoftheday (Vinylmix)

B2 Mekanikmuzik (Vinylmix)

C1 Candy Blue (Album Version)

C2 Transporterraum (Album Version)


D1 Gummihammer (Vinylmix)

D2 Echodeltaalfaxray (Vinylmix)

D3 Dicke Disko (Album Version)

© Harthouse / UCM.ONE

Current videos:

Der Dritte Raum - Kommit (Harthouse)

Der Dritte Raum - Pictureoftheday (Harthouse) | Teaser

Der Dritte Raum - Mekanikmuzik Tempo (Harthouse)

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