Dawn of Solace

When Before The Dawn was preparing to record the third album “The Ghost“, Tuomas Saukkonen realised that he had over 30 songs written. First idea was to simply make a double album but some of the material written started to sound too slow and dark for the usual Before The Dawn-style and Tuomas decided to push that darker direction a bit further and form a completely new project called Dawn Of Solace. The critically acclaimed debut album, titled “The Darkness“, got released in May 2006 and featured Before The Dawn vocalist Lars Eikind on clean vocals and Jukka Salovaara on guest vocals and solo guitar. After the album got released, several issues with the label forced the project to go on a hiatus for an undefined amount of time.

It took 13 long years and 14 written albums until an idea of a song came up that lit the flame to bring Dawn Of Solace back from over a decade of rest. Time took care of the issues with labels and legally the band was free but 13 years had not taken away the crushing sadness that inspired the debut.

After the floodgate opened, the writing process for the album went really easy and fast and most of the music was composed during the final recordings as a rather free stream of thoughts instead of a result of carefully planned and long timed pre-production. “Waves” came out to be an honest picture of the current times for its writer. Grey, heavy and dark but still sorrow carrying certain beauty and strength and it saw the cold light of day January 24th 2020 on the new German record label Noble Demon.

Waves” featured Mikko Heikkilä (Black Sun Aeon, Kaunis Kuolematon) as vocalist taking over all vocal duties and Lars Eikind (Before The Dawn) as guest vocalist for one song. Also Jukka Salovaara and Danny Tunker appeared on the album as guest solo guitarists. Already while recording “Waves” it was clear that Dawn Of Solace was brought back to life and this time without the passing of another decade between the albums, since the third full-length record, titled “Flames Of Perdition“, will be out in November 2021.

As life itself the darkness of Dawn Of Solace has evolved and taken few steps towards the void, still keeping the music rich with melodies and full of melancholy. This time with an extra amount of solitude that we all have gotten to know during the past 1,5 years.

Album releases on the Noble Demon label:

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Current videos:

Event Horizon (Official Music Video)

Skyline (Official Music Video)

White Noise (feat. Jukka Salovaara) [Official Music Video]

Numb (Live Cabin Version)

Ghost (Official Live Studio Video)

Hiding (Official Music Video)

Ashes (Official Lyric Video)

Lead Wings (Official Music Video)

Tuomas Saukkonen talks about upcoming album from Dawn of Solace


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