The second album of Tuomas Saukkonen‘s death and gothic doom metal icon “Dawn of Solace” was released as the first album ever on Noble Demon, the label freshly founded by Nuclear Blast veteran Patrick Walch and UCM.ONE.

The album takes us into soundscapes of melodic metal, takes us into a world of deepest melancholy, and dresses in the garb of finest death and heaviest doom anthems. With vocalist Mikko Heikkilä (Kaunis Kuolematon), a captivating and majestic prog and melodic doom affair was born that has made glorious waves. Now begins the pre-sale of the 2022 repressings on vinyl in 2 editions strictly limited to 125 copies each.

The critically acclaimed debut album titled “The Darkness” was released back in May 2006 and featured Before the Dawn vocalist Lars Eikind on clean vocals and Jukka Salovaara as guest vocalist and solo guitarist. After the release of the album, various problems with the label forced the project to take a break for an indefinite period of time, which only came to an end with “Waves“.

Like life itself, the darkness of Dawn of Solace has evolved. This time with an extra portion of loneliness, which we all got to know in the last 1.5 years. Already during the recordings of the album “Waves” it was clear that Dawn of Solace was brought back to life permanently – and that without letting another 14 years go by! This then led to the album “Flames of Perdition” released in January 2022.

Strictly limited vinyl editions 2022 of the album “Waves”:

LP Natural Blue Marble Vinyl Gatefolder Edition

LP Silver Marble Vinyl Gatefolder Edition

Both limited reissues of the album “Waves” can be pre-ordered in our Shop and on Bandcamp.

Lead Wings (Official Music Video) | Noble Demon

Hiding (Official Music Video) | Noble Demon

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