U1 Films Berlin

U1 Films Berlin was founded in Berlin in summer 2020. The name as well as the names of the sub-sections U3 Films Berlin, U8 Films Berlin, X-Berg 36 Pictures and Sektor X-Berg 36 are allusions* to the new headquarters of the company UCM.ONE in Berlin-Kreuzberg since February 2020. The label releases new and older films from all over the world in German-speaking countries, whereby no genre boundaries are set. The focus of the label is on home entertainment.

Feature films

The following feature films were previously released physically and digitally on the film label U1 Films Berlin:

Catalogue films & classic movies (line 3)

It is amazing how many film classics are still not available digitally. We are therefore constantly on the lookout to find films that we can release digitally for the first time or in a new restored version. Under the name U3 Films Berlin** (short: line 3), a sub-section of U1 Films Berlin, we therefore regularly release films that can be found on the well-known VoD portals from the date of release. The physical release of these films is not done by UCM.ONE.

Catalogue films & classic movies (line 8)

In addition to the new produced films, UCM.ONE also releases selected film classics physically and digitally on the U8 Films Berlin** (short: line 8) sub-section. Before these are physically and digitally released, the films are resampled, restored and re-digitized. Afterwards we release these film gems mostly in limited editions with special packaging as well as digitally on the well-known VoD portals. Boxes with film classics can also be found on U8 Films Berlin.

DVD boxsets:

The following boxes are physically available via U8 Films Berlin:

X-Berg 36 Pictures

X-Berg 36 Pictures* stands as a subsection of U1 Films Berlin for Arthouse films of a special kind. Funny, sad, silly and thought-provoking films can be found here. The films can play on our doorstep in Kreuzberg (Berlin) – but it can also be the case that we suddenly find ourselves on the other side of the world. Everything is possible…

Sektor X-Berg 36

As a sub-section of U1 Films Berlin, Sektor X-Berg 36* stands for films between eroticism, cult and art. The films released on this wicked section have usually been re-digitized and/or resampled and are offered both physically and digitally. It is not uncommon for there to be two cut versions, which are offered differently depending on the shop, portal and target group.


In addition to feature films, the label U1 Films Berlin also releases series that can be physically purchased on Blu-Ray and/or DVD as well as viewed on the well-known VoD portals.

Vindication – The series

Old-fashioned detective Terry has the usual family problems with his teenage wife and daughter. He seems to be surrounded by women, and he also shows a new female detective how to pull the strings as a training officer. When he interviews witnesses, he pulls out his notepad while his colleague naturally pulls out the tray. The series leads us into the investigation in a small town in the USA, which isn’t peaceful at all, as it seems. The series will start in autumn 2020 and will also appear physically in spring. Due to the Corona crisis, the completion of the shooting of season 2 has been postponed to 2021.

After a mysterious and shocking murder, three unique people – a deputy police chief, a reporter and a young girl – are supernaturally empowered to fight for the poorest and most racially diverse neighborhood in the city. The Smoketown series will be released in spring 2021.


* The lines U1, U3 and U8 of the underground in Berlin pass through Berlin-Kreuzberg. X-Berg 36 not only stands for a colloquial form of Kreuzberg still in use today, but also alludes to the old postal code 36 (Kreuzberg Südost – SO 36), which historically defines the smaller part of Kreuzberg, which is bordered by the Luisenstädtischer Kanal, which has been filled in in the meantime, in the west and the Landwehrkanal in the south. 

** The number 8 in the film classics also stands for the sign of infinity: ““, the 3 for “half infinity”, as the films are only published digitally. 


Emmanuelle – The cult series with Sylvia Kristel and Marcela Walerstein on Sektor X-Berg 36

On 24 July, UCM.ONE’s label Sektor X-Berg 36 will release the first three of a total of seven Emmanuelle films from the French series in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the early 1990s, with “Emmanuelle in Venice”, “Emmanuelle in Africa” and “Emmanuelle in Tibet.”  The books From 1959 a total of four “Emmanuelle” novels appeared…


Now available digitally: “Jaguar lives!” by Ernest Pintoff (U3 Films Berlin)

Jonathan Cross (karate and kickboxing champ Joe Lewis), code name Jaguar, is part of the special unit “Big Cats”, where all agents are named after cats of prey. His buddy Bret Barrett (Anthony De Longis), aka Cougar, is apparently killed by a bomb during a joint operation against terrorists, while Jonathan survives.  Jonathan then retreats…