Jonathan Cross (karate and kickboxing champ Joe Lewis), code name Jaguar, is part of the special unit “Big Cats”, where all agents are named after cats of prey. His buddy Bret Barrett (Anthony De Longis), aka Cougar, is apparently killed by a bomb during a joint operation against terrorists, while Jonathan survives.  Jonathan then retreats to the mountains to mourn and train, until one day Anna Thompson (Barbara Bach) appears and tells him that a new mission is waiting for the Jaguar.

When Jonathan learns that the target of the mission is supposed to be the one who has Bret on his conscience, he sees his chance for retribution. He sets out on the trail of the criminal mastermind, who takes complete control of the international drug trade and eliminates all competitors. The vendetta takes Jonathan around the globe…

Many changes of scene and exotic locations remind us of the James Bond series, with a new guest star appearing at every corner. Many of them, including Barbara Bach, Christopher Lee and Donald Pleasence, have Bond experience themselves. And the film is also not stingy with showpieces: a buggy chase through the desert, a duel in a ninja course, a fight with motorcyclists are just some of the action scenes worth mentioning.

Short summary:

Jonathan Cross, code name Jaguar, is part of the Big Cats special forces. His buddy Bret Barrett alias Cougar is apparently killed in a joint operation. Jonathan then retreats to the mountains to mourn and train until he receives the order to put a stop to the villain who killed Bret. The vendetta takes Jonathan once around the globe.

Director: Ernest Pinoff

Cast: Joe Lewis, Barbara Bach, Christopher Lee, Donald Pleasence, Capucibe, Joseph Wiseman, John Huston, Anthony De Longis

Jaguar Lives | Trailer ᴴᴰ


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Available via UCM.ONE in Germany, Austria and German speaking Switzerland.