B-Spree Pictures

B-Spree Pictures (short: B-Spree) was founded in early 2020 as a sister label of M-Square Pictures (short: M-Square) for films and series in the genres action, mystery, thriller and drama. The name of the film label B-Spee Pictures is derived from the Spree, the river that flows through the middle of Berlin. The producers and directors of B-Spree-films come from all over the world. What unites the films is the mysterious, curious, hopeless and sometimes shocking atmosphere from which the protagonists in the respective films try to escape.

The films of the B-Spree Pictures label are available both physically and digitally. The focus of the label is on the home entertainment market.

Feature films

The following feature films have been released on the film label B-Spree Pictures or will be released in the coming weeks:


Catalogue films & classic movies

In addition to the new films, UCM.ONE also releases selected film classics under the name B-Spree Classics. Before these are physically and digitally re-issued, the films are rescanned, restored and re-digitized. First editions of the re-released films are often released in limited media books and other special packaging,


🎬 “t=E/x²” with Jasmin Wagner and Mario Ganss available everywhere as of today

The film “t=E/x²” by Andreas Z. Simon with Jasmin Wagner, Mario Ganss and Götz Otto is available everywhere from today on DVD as well as digitally. “t=E/x²” was created as a typical independent film project, supported by a crowdfunding campaign and the Hessian Film Fund. It then premiered as a feature film at the Chinese…


🎬 “Boccaccio 70” with Anita Ekberg, Romy Schneider & Sophia Loren available as Mediabook

UCM.ONE is releasing the film “Boccaccio 70” on the B-Spree Classics label as a Mediabook and digitally in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, brilliant auteur cinema from Italy’s greatest directors with the European dream women of the 1960s: Anita Ekberg, Romy Schneider and Sophia Loren. The mediabook also includes the formally first act “Renzo and Luciana”,…


🎬 UCM.ONE at the 73rd Berlinale and EFM 2023

This year, the UCM.ONE team will be present at the 73rd Berlinale from 16 to 26 February. The Berlinale (or in its long form: Berlin International Film Festival) is an annual film festival held in Berlin. Along with the film festivals in Cannes and Venice, it is one of the most important film festivals in Europe…


🎬 UCM.ONE releases the film “t=E/x²” with Jasmin Wagner and Mario Ganss in March 2023

UCM.ONE will release the film “t=E/x²” by Andreas Z. Simon with Jasmin Wagner, Mario Ganss and Götz Otto in March 2023 on DVD as well as digitally. At the same time, the film can already be booked through the distributor for public screenings in cinemas and other screens. “t=E/x²” was created as a typical independent…


🎬 “One More Train to Rob” by Andrew V. McLaglen available as Mediabook, Blu-Ray and DVD

Accompanied by a fantastic title song (“Havin’ Myself a Fine Time”) by pop and country star Tim Morgan, the film “One More Train to Rob” (German title: “Heißes Gold aus Calador” is a fun 70s western treat for all fans of westerns and action comedies. UCM.ONE is releasing the film “One More Train to Rob” for…


🎬 Western “Law and Order” by Nathan Juran (B-Spree-Classics) available today

UCM.ONE is releasing the western with the German title “Die Hand am Colt” (Original English title: “Law and Order”) on the B-Spree Classics label for the first time in brand-new 2K scanning and restoration from the original camera negative in the uncut version as a Mediabook as well as on DVD & BD in Germany,…