B-Spree Pictures

B-Spree Pictures (short: B-Spree) was founded in early 2020 as a sister label of M-Square Pictures (short: M-Square) for films and series in the genres action, mystery, thriller and drama. The name of the film label B-Spee Pictures is derived from the Spree, the river that flows through the middle of Berlin. The producers and directors of B-Spree-films come from all over the world. What unites the films is the mysterious, curious, hopeless and sometimes shocking atmosphere from which the protagonists in the respective films try to escape.

The films of the B-Spree Pictures label are available both physically and digitally. The focus of the label is on the home entertainment market.

Feature films

The following feature films have been released on the film label B-Spree Pictures or will be released in the coming weeks:

Catalogue films & classic movies

In addition to the new films, UCM.ONE also releases selected film classics under the name B-Spree Classics. Before these are physically and digitally re-issued, the films are rescanned, restored and re-digitized. First editions of the re-released films are often released in limited media books and other special packaging,


The Goethe-Instituts Indonesia, Thailand & Malaysia start the film festival “Darling, Berlin! Berlin, Sayang! Berlin, Teerak!”

From 6 to 27 December 2020 the Goethe-Instituts Indonesien, Thailand and Malaysia are jointly presenting the online film festival entitled Darling, Berlin! Berlin Sayang! Berlin, Teerak! This year’s program screens six independent from the film label Darling Berlin located in the German capital. The films were mainly made by directors who had only one or two professional films to their…


“Kahlschlag” by Max Gleschinski now available everywhere on Blu-Ray, DVD and all major VoD portals

After the gripping feature film “Kahlschlag” by Rostock director Max Gleschinksi has been available via the German film label Artkeim² on Blu-Ray and DVD since 23 October, the film is now also available for download on all VoD portals. “Kahlschlag” is both disturbing and surprisingly black-humorous genre cinema with depth, which a critic has very aptly…


“Notes of Berlin” (Darling Berlin) by Mariejosephin Schneider wins three “Biber” at the Biberach Film Festival

The feature film “Notes of Berlin” by director Mariejosephin Schneider was awarded three “beavers” at its German premiere at the 42nd Biberach Film Festival, namely the Debut Beaver as Best Debut Film, the Audience Beaver of the audience jury and the Student Beaver of the student jury. It is the first time in the festival’s…


The film “Notes of Berlin” (Darling Berlin) will celebrate its German premiere on October 31 in Biberach

The feature film “Notes of Berlin” by director Mariejosephin Schneider will be released in cinemas nationwide on January 14, 2021 on the Darling Berlin film label distributed by UCM.ONE. The film had its world premiere on October 10, 2020 at the Warsaw International Film Festival and will celebrate its German premiere on October 31, 2020…


UCM.ONE brings the film “Live” by Lisa Charlotte Friederich to the cinemas in Germany

On December 10, 2020, the film “Live” by director Lisa Charlotte Friederich will start in cinemas nationwide on the Artkeim² film label, distributed by UCM.ONE. The film takes place in a near, dystopian future, in which all public life – including concerts – has been relocated to virtual space due to the risk of terrorist…