The Patriot

The Patriot” has the very best prerequisites for a good Steven Seagal film: Pretty nasty terrorists, a hero with a CIA past and eco-criticism. UCM.ONE is releasing the film on the label B-Spree Pictures in a newly scanned and uncut HD version in a limited mediabook with Blu-Ray and DVD in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “The Patriot” was the first production after the two relative theatrical flops “Glimmer Man” and “Fire Down Below” that Seagal’s own production company had to do without the support of Warner Brothers. In this film, which is based on the book “The Last Canadian” by US author William Heine, Steven Seagal was dubbed in German exceptionally – and for the first and so far only time – by Manfred Lehmann, the regular speaker of Bruce Willis.


The nature-loving doctor and alternative practitioner Dr. Wesley McClaren (Steven Seagal) is actually a very solid and nice person who can’t hurt a fly. That changes suddenly when militant fascists who want to conquer America settle in the Rocky Mountains. The first part of their sinister plan: the release of a deadly virus in a mountain village. McClaren tries everything to save the residents. Because he’s a former CIA agent, you better not mess with …

About director Dean Semler:

Dean Semler first saw the light of day in South Australia in 1943 and gained his first film-making experience as a camera man at the TV station Channel 9 in Adelaide. He later worked as a cameraman for documentaries at Film Australia, before he gained a reputation for his highly acclaimed work on “Hoodwink” (1981) and became chief cameraman on “Mad Max II” (also 1981). This brought him international fame and after his work on “Razorback“, “Undercover” and the Australian hit series “Bodyline” he shot “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” together with Mel Gibson and George Miller four years later.

By the end of the 1980s Dean Semler‘s films were followed by cinema successes such as “Cocktail“, “Young Guns” and “K-9“. The 1990s began with the sequel “Young Guns II” and the collaboration with Kevin Costner on “Dances with Wolves“, which earned Semler an Oscar® and an ASC Award. Dean Semler and Kevin Costner were to work together again on “Waterworld“, produced in 1995, but first the successful comedies “City Slickers” and “Last Action Hero” followed. In the meantime Dean Semler had made his directorial debut, albeit unmentioned, with “Super Mario Bros” (1993). With “Firestorm” and “The Patriot” he returned to the director’s chair and for the last time so far in 1998.

With action movies like “xXx” or the comedy “Bruce Almighty” the 2000s also began extremely successful for Dean Semler and in 2006 he and Mel Gibson met again for his Mayan epic “Apocalypto“. This was followed by two comedies with Adam Sandler and Roland Emmerich‘s “2012” (2009). In 2014 Angelina Jolie stood in front of his camera in “Maleficent“. His last work so far was for director Caroline Zelder in “Summer Gold“.

About Seven Seagal:

Steven Frederic Seagal was born on 10 April 1952 and, inspired by a Japanese dojo owner, moved to Japan in the early 1970s. When he returned to his native California in 1974, he met Miyako Fujitani, the daughter of an Aikido master from Okinawa. When Miyako returned to Okinawa, Steven Seagal followed her and both got married. First Seagal worked as a teacher in the family’s dojo before he went to Mexico, where he opened his own dojo with his student and later stuntman Craig Dunn

After a second short visit to Japan, he opened another dojo in North Hollywood. There he met his agent Michael Ovitz, who got him the lead role for “Nico” (1988), which made Steven Seagal a celebrated action star overnight, not least because Aikido was exotic in the martial arts films of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, which were dominated by karate and kung fu. The subsequent films “Hard to Kill” and “Deadly Revenge” also made a big splash at the box office, as did his perhaps greatest success, “Under Siege” (1992).

However, “On Deadly Ground” (1994), in which Michael Caine was his screen partner, proved to be the first flop. The environmental thriller, produced in collaboration with Julius R. Nasso, met with little response from the public or critics, partly because messages about spirituality and environmental protection played a central role. In addition, his first and only directorial work earned him the Golden Raspberry Award for “Worst Director“. This resulted in revenues that were about 12 million US dollars below the production budget. Even with the sequel to his commercially most successful film “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory“, Seagal could hardly make any more profit, and as quickly as his star had risen, it fell again at the end of the 1990s.

Cinema roles became increasingly rare and with Dean Semler‘s “The Patriot” (1999) Seagal shifted more and more to direct-to-video productions. One of his last notable cinema roles was in 2010 as Danny Trejo‘s opponent in “Machete“.

In all the decades of his career, Steven Seagal has repeatedly attracted attention through negative headlines, with sexual harassment in particular bringing him into the press time and again. His proximity to the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin and his support for the Russian annexation of the Crimea also led to some criticism and finally to his being banned from the Ukraine. In the course of his career he was awarded a Golden Raspberry eight more times, including several times as “Worst Actor” and for “Worst Film“.

Original title: The Patriot

Director: Dean Semler

Screenplay: M. Sussman, John Kingwell

Actor & actresses: Steven Seagal, Gailard Sartain, L.Q. Jones, Silas Weir Mitchell, Camilla Belle, Dan Beene, Damon Collazo, Whitney Yellow Robe, Brad Leland, Molly McClure, Philip Winchester, Douglas Sebern, Ross Loney, Bernard O’Connor, Leonard Mountain Chief, R.J. Burns, Robert Harvey, Ron Andrews, Jeff Tillotson, Don Peterson, Cory Brown, Tom Vanek, Scott Wetzel, Dillinger Steele, Gene E. Carlstrom, Ayako Fujitani, Kelcie Beene, Callie Strozzi

Producer: Howard Baldwin, Patrick D, Cheh, Victor Hwang, Julius R. Nasso, Nile Niami, Steve Seagal

Executive producer: Avram Butch Kaplan, Karen Elise Baldwin

Co-producer: Doug Metzger, Paul Mones

Cinematography: Stephan F. Windon

Editing: Derek Brechin

Camera & electric: James Adams, Rob Anderson , Matthew Arkins, Tony Ballew, J.A. Byerly, Stephen S. Campanelli, Damon Doherty, Tom Doherty, Shawn Duchscherer, Chuck Farrington, Scott Floren, James J. Gilson, Johnny Hale, Eric Hammer, Kim Heath, Joe Martens, John Martens, Fred L. McLane, Richard Merryman, John O’Connor, Frank Parrish, Tony Rivetti, Ingrid Semler, Roger Wall, Kelly Way, Michael P. Weinstein, John Zumpano, David Ellis, J.P. Gabriel, Shannon Summers

Sound: Noah Blough, Zane D. Bruce, Vincent Cassaro, Michael Chandler, Chris David, Robert Deschaine, Sandy Gendler, Marilyn Graf, Scott G.G. Haller, Jon Johnson, Mark Lanza, Mark L. Mangino, Jeffrey Perkins, Dale W. Perry, Thomas Pinney, Brent A. Schoenfeld, Jackson Schwartz, Bruce Stubblefield, Mark Ulano, Jerome R. Vitucci, Chris Winter

Special effects: Michael Arbogast, Marty Griffin, Steve King, David Pahoa, David Ross, Brian Wood, David Wood, Michael Wood

Stunts: Julie Adair, Melany Augure, Joe Bucaro, Heather Burton, Keith Campbell, James M. Churchman, Scott Duthie, Paul Eliopoulos, Jon H. Epstein, Dane Farwell, Randy Hall, John Hedges, Diana Lee Inosanto, James Kim , Diana R. Lupo, Gene McLaughlin, Dave Meeker, Judd Mulholland, Pat Mulholland, Eddie Olandi, Steven Palmer, Noel Phillips, Jeff Podgurski, Tim Rigby, Troy Robinson, Danny Rogers, John Rottger, Michael Runyard, James Ryan, Nathan Siebring, Luis J. Silva, Cooper Taylor, Matthew Taylor, Jimmy Waitman, Byron Wilkerson

Art Director: Tim Eckel

Makeup: David Atherton, Christie Garan, Juliet Loveland, Mary L. Mastro, Kerri Miller, Doreen Vantyne, Kristina Vogel

Costumes: Rosanna Norton

Casting: Tina Buckingham, R.J. Burns, Barbara Harris

Music: Stephen Edwards


Production companies: Interlight, Seagal/Nasso Productions, Baldwin/Cohen Productions, Ilshin Capital Investments

Year of production: 1998

Genres: Action, Thriller

Country: Spain

Language: English

Synchronisation: German


Length: 90 Min

Rating: FSK 18

Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1

Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo

Resolution: HD

Other Titles:

French: Piège à haut risque, Le patriote

Spanish: El último patriota

Portuguese: Patriota, Guerra Biológica

Russian: Патриот

Japanese: 沈黙の陰謀

Start Spain: July 10, 1998

Mediabook start (Blu-Ray & DVD) Germany: February 19, 2021

VoD start Germany: January 01, 2023

Über L.Q. Jones:

Justus Ellis McQueen, born on 19 August 1927 in Texas, worked on a ranch after graduating from the University of Texas before trying his luck in Hollywood. Already in 1955 he made his film debut in “Battle Cry” and further roles in “An Annapolis Story” and “Target Zero” followed.  War movies, Westerns and TV series became his home and soon he truned into a regular actor of Sam Peckinpah, who cast him in the western series “Klondike” or in westerns like “Ride the High Country” and “Major Dundee“.

Between 1962 and 1971 he appeared as Belden in “The Men from Shiloh” and since the beginning of the 1970s he has repeatedly played supporting roles in popular series such as “Columbo“, “The A-Team“, “The Fall Guy” or “Charlie’s Angels“.

L-Q. Jones has also worked as a director, producer and author on a total of three occasions, and with the award-winning “A Boy and his Dog” in 1975, he not only met the taste of critics and the public, but was also able to celebrate a Hugo Award. The film was also nominated for a Nebula Award. Leading actor Don Johnson went home with a Saturn Award as “Best Leading Actor“. His enormous TV presence also led to some major supporting roles in Hollywood productions from the mid-1990s onwards, such as in Scorsese‘s “Casino” (1995), “The Patriot” (1998) or “The Mask of Zorro” (also 1998). After more than 160 TV and film roles, L.Q. Jones was last seen in 2006 in “Robert Altman’s Last Radio Show“.

The Patriot | Original Trailer from 1998 (German)

Press reviews & comments on the film

“It’s not a bad Seagal film as far as Seagal films go.” (

“All in all, a slow, albeit captivating Seagal film, without all the sermons that got on the nerves of action fans during “On Deadly Ground”. (Straight-to-DVD-Heaven)

“Steven Seagal against bio-terrorists? It’s hard to resist, and “The Patriot” delivers.” (

“Music, images, atmosphere – the film did that well.” (

„Outbreak clone dressed as a turgid eco-thriller.” (

“At the bottom line, a standard brutal action movie with countless fight sequences.” (Lexikon des internationalen Films)

“This somewhat naive, yet committed eco-action film by Dean Semler is a bit slow-moving, but still offers acceptable Steven Seagal food, which was photographed superbly.” (

Equipment and technical data of the mediabook

Movie in the reconstructed HD version | Image format: DVD WS 2.35: 1 anamorphic; Blu-Ray WS 1.35: 1 & 1080p 23.976p | Total running time Blu-Ray 90 min, DVD 86 min | Sound format: German DD 5.1, German DD 2.0, English DD 5.1, English DD 2.0 | Extras: Trailer, US trailer, picture gallery, artwork gallery, spoken star information about Steven Seagal & Camilla Belle, 16-page booklet | FSK 18 


“The Patriot” by Dean Semler with Steven Seagal is available from today as a limited mediabook (B-Spree Pictures)

“The Patriot” was the first production that Steven Seagal and his production company did without the support of Warner Brothers. The film, which UCM.ONE is now releasing as a limited mediabook on the film label B-Spree Pictures, has all the requirements a good Steven Seagal film needs: evil terrorists, a hero with a CIA past…