Theatrical Distribution

Most movies are produced for the big screens of cinemas. For this reason, the main focus is on theatrical distribution, above all for these films. Only then will we work on the complete further marketing in the form of physical distribution on DVD and / or Blu-Ray, the download and streaming offer, the TV sales as well as the other possible placement possibilities (for example in airplanes and at schools) start. As movie lovers we want to pay tribute to this fact and therefore operate our own theatrical distribution company for Germany in Berlin.

We differentiate between films in which we plan an official theatrical release (often coordinated with parallel or time-delayed theatrical releases in other countries via partners) and catalogue films. Films that are officially released via UCM.ONE with a theatrical release are usually new films that have previously run at various festivals and start on a specific date (start date) throughout Germany.

Examples of movies that have had an official theatrical release at UCM.ONE:

Some films are signed by us after they had an official theatrical release (for example, through a competitor or in-house). Or, together with the directors and producers, we decide not to set a specific start date for a given day, but rather to keep the film constant over a longer period of time, to allow cinema operators greater flexibility in the operation. From experience, this may even be the better strategy for one movie or another to ultimately reach more moviegoers.

Some genre films (such as thrillers, sci-fi and horror movies) can also be booked at UCM.ONE. Most of these films have no official theatrical release either, but are rather booked by cinema operators for special events or specific events (Halloween, horror-next). The same applies to older films that we (meaning in new HD scanning) under contract and physically and digitally republish and thereby also be available for possible cinema screenings.

Examples of movies that can be booked through UCM.ONE for movie screenings:

If you would like to book current films or films from our catalogue, please send us an e-mail.