Movie Rights

Up until now, the process of exploiting an independent full-length movie involved several different agents concentrating on their respective exploitation areas (TV broadcasting, DVD/Blu-Ray release, etc.) and trying to generate results independently. In contrast to this, UCM.ONE keeps the whole chain of exploitation in its hands and is thus able to exploit all of the various rights connected to a movie: distribution and broadcasting rights for cinema, DVD/Blu-Ray exploitation via digital rights (streaming and download), worldsales, advertising and merchandise rights, as well as the right to produce additional products like soundtracks, eBooks and audio books. The chain is complete, and thus guarantees the best possible exploitation with the creator’s best interest in mind. We call this strategy “intermedial marketing“.

UCM.ONE publishes on its own film labels such as Darling Berlin, M-Square PictureArtkeim², B-Spree Pictures, U1 Films Berlin, Zeitlose Filmkunst and NONFY Documentaries and operates its own theatrical distribution including bookings and accounts. UCM.ONE also works closely with the Berlin-based film production company UCMP.

Some of our previous releases:

UCM.ONE operates not only its own labels channels but also other film channels on portals such as YouTube and Dailymotion, where full-length films (AVoD marketing) can be viewed. More information can be read here: CiNENET.