Rights Management

UCM.ONE intermedially markets music, film and image rights. These are not only marketed side by side (multimedia), but interlinked with each other. Thus, soundtracks to movies, music videos from filmmakers of the films we commercialize, and images from movies can be combined and placed in parallel and with each other (for example, through the same artwork) to create additional reach and visibility. The company also works closely with the Berlin-based film production company UCMP. In addition, we also take care of publishing rights and specifically synch rights. For example, music titles in which we or our partner company UCP.ONE represent the rights can be specifically placed in films and thus also a well-integrated intermedial marketing can be achieved from this side.

Audio Master Rights

Our music catalog contains over 17,500 titles (master rights). UCM.ONE also represents more than 1,000 artists, bands and producers. Several A&Rs and product managers are responsible for the bands and artists as well as their releases on the appropriate labels such as Plastic City, Mole Listening Pearls or Harthouse, depending on the style of the music. Whether vinyl, CD, digital download or stream – UCM.ONE offers a variety of carefully selected artists and releases in all popular media formats. The UCM.ONE team keeps up to date with the constant dialogue with music fans and the artists. This feedback, in turn, is important for our team and the foundation of our future activities.

Some of our music releases in the past:

Movie Rights

UCM.ONE operate successful film labels such as Darling Berlin, M-Square Picture, Artkeim², B-Spree Pictures, U1 Films Berlin, Zeitlose Filmkunst and NONFY Documentaries and operates its own theatrical distribution including bookings and accounts. UCM.ONE also works closely with the Berlin-based film production company UCMP. and prosecute an own theatrical distribution incl. booking and billing to the German cinemas. Up until now, the process of exploiting an independent full-length movie involved several different agents concentrating on their respective exploitation areas (TV broadcasting, DVD/Blu-Ray release, etc.) and trying to generate results independently. In contrast to this, UCM.ONE keeps the whole chain of exploitation in its hands and is thus able to exploit all of the various rights connected to a movie: distribution and broadcasting rights for cinema, DVD/Blu-Ray exploitation via digital rights (streaming and download), worldsales, advertising and merchandise rights, as well as the right to produce additional products like soundtracks, eBooks and audio books. The chain is complete, and thus guarantees the best possible exploitation with the creator’s best interest in mind. We call this strategy “intermedial marketing“.

Some of our movie releases in the past:

UCM.ONE operates not only its own labels channels but also other film channels on portals such as YouTube and Dailymotion, where full-length films (AVoD marketing) can be viewed. More information can be read here: CiNENET.

Picture Rights

UCM.ONE, in cooperation with u-connect, has many rights to images with a focus on scientific photography. Many older and up-to-date dictionaries and textbooks by publishers such as Klett, Westermann, Duden and Cornelsen contain images whose rights belong to u-connect and which have been licensed for their respective use. Since the beginning of 2018, these image rights for print and online use can also be licensed from UCM.ONE.

Some examples from these pictures:

Publishing Rights

In our network our sister company UCP.ONE is responsible for the copyrights (publishing rights). UCP.ONE represents an international repertoire with more than 6.000 songs of recording artists, singers and songwriters. Our services from UCP.ONE and its partners to artists & writers are manyfolded and could comprise: Creative Marketing / A&R (placing songs in film, television, corporate advertisements, video games, digital distribution; marketing songs to artists, producers and labels), Songwriter Development (talent development; arranging for co-writes and other promotional activities), Copyright Administration (registration of songs worldwide, tracking and collection of royalties, payments of songwriters and the audit of licensees), Licensing (negotiating licensing fees and terms, executing paperwork and helping to obtain other required clearances) and Advances / Acquisitions (providing advances to songwriters, signing songwriters to exclusive agreements and acquiring songwriters back catalogs when advantageous for future marketing).

Some releases with compositions represented by UCP.ONE:

Special Marketing

The combination of a product with a emotional audiovisual elements is the perfect special marketing tool that would help to create a purchase incentive and a better product or corporate design identity. For example, the connection of a beverage with a dance music CD, or a restaurant with a relaxation CD. We can help you to transfer specific emotions in the form of music and/or film productions. Special marketing products can also be giveaways at trade shows or other events, a book with a thematically appropriate CD that accompanies the experience, or just a special packaging or bundling of an existing product. We also can offer you a special “sound design” for a brand or a product.

Example of a special marketing product: