Jaded Star

After touring the globe for years and captivating audiences all along the way, Maxi Nil (ex Visions Of Atlantis) and Raphael Saini (ex Iced Earth) joined forces to hit the road for their very own and brand new musical adventure to be known, as Jaded Star. Exploding with energy, experience and drive, the band’s debut album, “Memories From The Future“ (Sensory Records, 2015), took the heavy scene by storm and not only brought Jaded Star sharing stages with with acts like Moonspell, Epica, Xandria, Draconian and many more but also building a loyal and worldwide fan base. Mixed and mastered by no one else than Fredrik Nordstrom at the legendary Fredman Studios in Sweden and produced by Maxi Nil herself, this debut transcends from mesmerizing verses to explosive choruses and set the remarkable starting point for what Jaded Star is all about.

The years went by and after a memorable and intense journey with hundreds of shows around the world, it was time for the band to move on their next musical chapter. In 2019 Jaded Star entered the studio, not only with new ideas and ready to take things to the next level but also with a new line up. With that new band spirit, Jaded Star will deliver their strongest, most emotional and heaviest album to date – Now with Dane Constantine on guitars, John Dres on bass, Angelo Vafiadis on keyboards and Jim Rouvell on drums the bands upcoming album “Realign“, is set for release on November 6th via Noble Demon, being the charismatic and dynamic, beautiful but heavy, follow-up record, that their fans have been waiting for.

Releases on the label Label Noble Demon:


A Pain All Mine (live)

Adrian (live)

A Pain All Mine

A Pain All Mine (Teaser)

Breathing Fire

Female Fronted

Female Fronted (Official Signing Teaser)


Noble Demon celebrates the first year since its foundation with the compilation “Noble Demonic Metal – Chapter 1”.

To celebrate the first birthday together with their growing and loyal fanbase, the Noble Demon label has released the first label compilation. “Noble Demonic Metal – Chapter 1” shows the diversity of the label and unites the roster family under the black Christmas tree. “Noble Demonic Metal – Chapter 1” is the also a label…


The album “Realign” by Jaded Star now available on Noble Demon!

Five years since their highly acclaimed debut album, “Memories From The Future“, today Melodic Metal act Jaded Star are celebrating the release of their sophomore album, titled “Realign”, on the German label Noble Demon. Dynamic arrangements and unique songwriting that is reminiscent of old-school metal with a modern edge: “Realign” is the charismatic and dynamic, beautiful but heavy,…


The single and the new lyric video “Breathing Fire” by Jaded Star can be heard and seen from today

Bursting with energy, experience and drive, while captivating audiences all along the way – November 6th will see Jagd Star to release their hotly anticipated, sophomore album titled “Realign” on label Noble Demon. Heading on a dynamic, beautiful yet heavy music journey that their fans have been waiting for, today the band fronted by charismatic vocalist…