Jaded Star are back with a music video of their song “Adrian“, which was filmed and recorded live at The Crow Club Athens! “Due to the pandemic we haven’t been able to play our music live and share this experience with a real live audience. We had a fantastic time during our performance at The Crow and we are looking forward to hit the road again!” the band says.

Five years since their highly acclaimed debut album, “Memories From The Future“, last year Melodic Metal act Jaded Star celebrated the release of their sophomore album, titled “Realign“, with Noble Demon. Dynamic arrangements and unique songwriting that is reminiscent of old-school metal with a modern edge: “Realign” is the charismatic and dynamic, beautiful but heavy, follow-up record that their fans have been waiting for.

Being the band’s strongest, most emotional and heaviest album to date, “Realign” is available via the German Noble Demon label digitally as well as on CD and Vinyl.




Jaded Star - Adrian (Official Live Music Video)

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Further information

Informationen about the video:
Filmed by von Bob Katsionis , Lorin Paraskevopoulou and Jim Georgosopoulos at The Crow Club Athen
Edited by  Bob Katsionis at Progressive Vision Group (bob_katsionis@yahoo.gr)
Recorded and mixed by Mike Skarakis (https://www.facebook.com/133-Productions-741134435952392)
Mstered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Production Mastering Studio (http://www.vu-productions.gr)
MUA/ Hair Adelin Mary Make Up (@adelinmary_makeup ) (https://www.facebook.com/jadedstarofficial)

More Information about the band: Jaded Star

More information about the label: Noble Demon