Night Crowned

In the frozen part of Europe’s northernmost realm, a new slithering seed is festering at the heart of the Swedish scene – known as Night Crowned. Despite hatching a combined catalogue of over fifteen full-length albums, the seasoned and battle-hardened veterans of Night Crowned are still hungry like a gluttonous monster to procreate the dire melody charged blackened death music.
Combining past and present members of legendary acts as Dark Funeral, Nightrage and Cipher System, the album “Impius Viam” is surely haunting and putrid; a reawakening of the sounds dormant from the most influential acts and masterpieces of the Scandinavian ‘90s. Tracks such as „Unholy Path“ (available December 06, 2019) are a statement, a true execution showcasing in perfection of what to expect from the upcoming album. Being an unforgettable and unholy ritual full of anger, melancholy and pure destruction, “Impius Viam” can already be seen as the Blackened Death Metal highlight of early 2020!

There will be no warning. No antidote, and no remedy. At first you will feel nauseous, then your body will be covered in black boils, and finally both your mind and matter will have been thoroughly infected by the blight that is … Night Crowned.

Releases on the label Noble Demon:


Night Crowned - Ira (Official Music Video)

Night Crowned - Ira (Official Teaser)

Night Crowned - Unholy Path (Official Lyric Video)

Night Crowned - No Room For Hope (Official Lyric Video)