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by Lisa Charlotte Friederich

The Fare
by D.C. Hamilton

UCM.ONE – Movies and music anywhere, anytime …

UCM.ONE (United Content Management.ONE) stands for the successful combination of physical and digital marketing of media content and works as a global entertainment company in the distribution, licensing and rental business, as well as a production and creative company for all types of media of film, music and picture.

UCM.ONE operates several well-established music labels such as Plastic City, Mole Listening Pearls, Harthouse and has tracks and songs from artists like Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter, Kool & the Gang, Alphawezen, Hardfloor, Liquid Child, AWeX, Commander Tom or Naomi in the catalog. In addition, UCM.ONE operates its own film labels such as Darling Berlin, Artkeim², M-Square Pictures and NONFY Documentaries.

The goal of UCM.ONE is to reach consumers on all possible and available channels. We do not want to press consumers to change their consumer behavior because of our content, but the films and music titles should be offered there and available, where the consumer would like to find his media content: movies in the cinema, on Blu-Ray or DVD, on TV or download and streaming portals; Music tracks on CDs, vinyl, on the radio, or at download and streaming providers.