Barrikade | Barricade


Director: David Klammer

Label: NONFY Documentaries

Type: Movie

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2023

Format: DVD


The award-winning Cologne photographer David Klammer has been accompanying the protests of climate activists with his pictures for years, not only recently in Lützerath or in Hambacher Forst.When the A49 motorway was to be cut directly through a living forest in Hesse in 2020, David Klammer documented the protests against the clearing of the Dannenröder Forest with his film camera.

David Klammer lived with the activists in their tree houses for weeks and was thus able to create an impressive emotional closeness to the events with his images. With poetic images, the film delves deeply and trustingly into the motivations, fears and hopes of the activists, but also shows the massive police action against the activists up close.

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℗ 2021 David Klammer, © 2023 NONFY Documentaries / UCM.ONE

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Title: Barrikade (English title: “Barricade”)

Director: David Klammer

Cinematography: David Klammer

Sound: David Klammer

Editing: David Klammer


Production: David Klammer

Year of production: 2020

Genre: Documentary

Country: Germany


Length: ca. 83 Min.

Rating: FSK: 6

Aspect ratio: Cinemascope (21:9)

Sound: Stereo

Resolution: 2K


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DVD: Picture format: ,39:1 | Running time: 83 minutes | Sound format: German (2.0 Stereo) | Subtitles: English | Bonus material: Outtakes / Photo gallery | Rating: FSK 6   


David Klammer about "Barricade" (German)