The Ugly Truth

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Director: Krishna Ashu Bhati

Label: B-Spree Pictures

Type: Movie (feature film)

Genre: Drama

Year: 2022

Rating: FSK 16

Format: Various


Theo always dreamed of a career as a writer, but always failed because of his fear of failure. After the tragic suicide of his first wife thirteen years ago, he found support in her sister Mona. But a serious accident leaves Mona with a crippled leg. She numbs her suffering with medication and alcohol.

When Alina, the charming daughter of one of Mona’s friends, temporarily moves in with the family, the shaky construct collapses. Theo takes refuge in romantic fantasies with the young Alina. The more Theo blossoms, the more Mona slips into a deep depression. Theo’s pubescent daughter Hanna is the only one who recognizes the seriousness of the situation and stands helplessly by as her stepmother Mona drifts further and further into the abyss.

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℗ 2021 Fantomfilm, © 2022 B-Spree Pictures / UCM.ONE

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The Ugly Truth (Original Title: Die wahre Schönheit )

Germany 2021

Aspect ratio: 1:1,85

Length: ca.101 Min

Director: Krishna Ashu Bhati

Screenplay: Krishna Ashu Bhati, Eva Habermann

Actors: Eva Habermann, Marcus Grüsser, Lilly Liefers, Emma Schweiger, Simon Böer, Tom Böttcher, Elias Eisold, Hussein Eliraqui, Arved Friese, Caroline Hartig, Mascha Paul, Nicolai Tegeler, Wolfgang S. Zechmayer

Producer: Eva Habermann, Alexander König

Production Company: Fantom Film

More information about the movie: The Ugly Truth

Trailer (Theos Perspektive)

Trailer (Hannas Perspektive)

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