Character One: Susan


Director: Tim Lienhard

Label: Darling Berlin

Type: Movie (Documentary)

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2018

Rating: FSK 16

Format: DVD


Diagnosis: Schizo-affective and bipolar. What does that mean? Director Tim Lienhard gives Susan a stage, stages her as a film diva and combines her fascinating screen presence with her relentless openness to create an opulent, thrilling performance!

Susan, in her early 50s, is an extremely attractive woman. But the half-Italian, who was born in Berlin in the early 60s, is ill. She is bipolar and has schizoaffective disorder. Susan tells her life story. Which, she says, stopped at the age of 11. At that time she was sexually abused. Despite doing well at school and trying to get a middle-class job, she never led a normal life. As the queen of Berlin’s techno clubs in the 90s, a drug dealer and globetrotter, she defends her independence to this day. With her impressive talent to make herself a subject and to do so in a very strong, self-confident and reflective way, Susan captivates the viewer.


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© 2018 Darling Berlin / UCM.ONE


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Character One: Susan

Germany 2018

Aspect ratio: 16:9
Length: 77 min

Director: Tim Lienhard

Screenplay: Tim Lienhard

Starring: Susan Angelini, Aydin Üretmen, Bavara, BayBJane

Actors: Christian Anhuth, Moritz Haase, Lukas Preuss, Absinthia Absolut

Production: 101 Movie UG


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Features & technical data

DVD | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Running time: 77 minutes | Sound format: German (Dolby Digital 2.0) | Subtitles: German, English | Genre: Documentary | FSK 16


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