Swansong was founded in Kuopio, Finland in 2020. Founders of the band, former Up Yours- punk vocalist Jemiina and Verjnuarmu guitarist Topi Pitkänen, joined forces and started to make music together – combining “beautiful” and “brutal”.

Swansong is bringing something new to the metal scene combining melodic death, heavy and folk metal just to name a few. The powerful melodies with kickass riffs give you the 80’s and 90’s wibes. Oldschool elements get a new twist with a female death growls and screams. Step in to the Swansong world of empowering stories with midnight warriors, strong maidens and let the cold wind howl!

Players of the band are experienced musicians from such bands as Verjnuarmu, Tornado, Carnal Demise and Omniversum and the songster the first album  have been in the making from the year 2020.

Swansong are:

Vocals: Jemiina
Guitar: Topi Pitkänen
Guitar: Tuomas Leskinen
Drums: Markus Tikkanen

Swansong is driven to continue on creating it’s own world of awesome melodies, stories and visual elements which the listeners around the world have already given a great response.

Releases on the Noble Demon label:


Awakening (Official Music Video)

Winter Maiden (Official Music Video)

Lovely Bones (Official Music Video)


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🎵 Swansong announce new drummer and release video for “Winter Maiden”

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