Die Wahre Schönheit | The Ugly Truth:

After the film ‘The Ugly Truth‘ (German title: “Die Wahre Schönheit“) has already won more than 54 awards at film festivals worldwide this year, 19 of them in the category ‘Best Film‘, the film is now released for home entertainment on the label B-Spree Pictures.

With her film production company Fantomfilm, Eva Habermann enlisted other well-known acting colleagues such as Marcus Grüsser and Simon Böer as well as a number of talented young actors for “The Ugly Truth“. The young actresses Emma Schweiger, Lilly Liefers and Mascha Paul are the daughters of the German film stars Til Schweiger, Jan Josef Liefers and Christiane Paul.

Filming took place in 2019 on a total of 22 shooting days in Berlin and Brandenburg. Due to the pandemic, the film was completed in October 2021. Since then, the film has been shown at over 90 international film competitions. This year, the drama has already received 54 awards at film festivals worldwide. 19 of them in the ‘Best Film‘ category alone. The film ‘The Ugly Truth‘, which German title is “Die wahre Schönheit“, was particularly celebrated in the USA.

“The praise from the Americans that our film is absolutely real means an incredible amount to me,” says Eva Habermann. “This feeling is exactly what we as a film team strive for in front of and behind the camera, so that a special magic becomes visible.”


Theo (Marcus Grüsser) always dreamed of a career as a writer, but always failed because of his fear of failing. After the tragic suicide of his first wife thirteen years ago, he found support in her sister Mona (Eva Habermann). But a serious accident leaves Mona with a crippled leg. She numbs her suffering with medication and alcohol.

When Alina (Caroline Hartig), the charming daughter of one of Mona’s friends, temporarily moves in with the family, the shaky construct collapses. Theo takes refuge in romantic fantasies with the young Alina. The more Theo blossoms, the more Mona slips into a deep depression. Theo’s pubescent daughter Hanna (Lilly Liefers) is the only one who recognizes the seriousness of the situation and stands helplessly by as her stepmother Mona slides more and more towards the abyss.

Krishna Ashu Bhati (Director)

Krishna Ashu Bhati was born in Berlin in 1980. Being of Indian and German descent, his films are inspired by two very different cultural backgrounds. He started writing and directing at the age of 24. His debut film “Bitter Sweet” (2016) won several awards and the script was sold to the U.S. for a remake. “The Ugly Truth” (2021) is his second directorial effort and first screenplay in collaboration with Eva Habermann.

Original title: Die Wahre Schönheit

Director: Krishna Ashu Bhati

Screenplay: Krishna Ashu Bhati, Eva Habermann (co-writer)

Cast: Marcus Grüsser, Eva Habermann, Simon Böer, Caroline Hartig, Lilly Liefers, Mascha Paul, Emma Schweiger, Tom Böttcher, Elias Eisold, Hussein Eliraqui, Arved Friese, Nicolai Tegeler, Wolfgang S. Zechmayer.

Producer: Eva Habermann, Alexander König

Camera: Christoph Wieczorek

Editing: Daniel Kundrat

Production Management: Wojtek Kozbial, Alexander König, Patrick Stanetzky

Camera Assistance & Technology: Joachim Neumann, Evgeny Revvo, Svea Ena Rose, Oliver Taylor

Sound: Fanny Thera Harisch, Martin Hertel, Marco Schnebel, Luis Schöffend

Makeup: Ina Chochol, Martina Klein

Music: Chris Köbke


Productions: Fantomfilm

Production Year: 2021

Country: Germany

Language: German

Subtitles: English


Length: 101 Min

FSK: 16

Aspect ratio: 1:1,85

Sound: Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 and 2.0

Resolution: Full HD

Film Label: B-Spree Pictures

Distribution: UCM.ONE


Premiere: 01.12. 2021 at the 35th Braunschweig International Film Festival

Blu-Ray & DVD release: 11.12.2022

VoD start: 11.12.2022

Eva Habermann

Born on January 16, 1976, Eva Felicitas Habermann began her film and TV career at the age of 17 as Melanie in the ZDF series “Immenhof” (1994 – 1995). She hosted “Pumuckl TV” and “Ferienfieber” in the children’s program and was “the youngest presenter on ARD” at the age of 18. She became known to a wide audience of science fiction fans through her role of Zev Bellringer in the international series “LexxThe Dark Zone“. Alongside Chad Everett and Morgan Fairman, she starred in “Star Command” in 1996, also a sci-fi movie. This was followed by productions such as “Rosa Roth” (alongside Iris Berben) and various Rosamunde Pilcher adaptations such as “Zwei Schwestern” (1997), through which Habermann advanced to become the German “Romance Queen”. Eva Habermann was able to showcase her comedic talent in “Feuer, Eis & Dosenbier” (2002) together with Rick Kavanian and Axel Stein. Between 1999 and 2002, she became a member of the hit series “Die Strandclique” as Viola Kimmling. Through her variety of roles, Eva Habermann has repeatedly managed to straddle the line between TV and cinema and between all genres. In 2005, for example, she was seen alongside Birgit Stauber and Susann Uplegger in the TV series “Wilde Engel” as well as in the action movie “Der Clown“. Between 2000 and 2006 she was a recurring guest on the Traumschiff and two years later she was back on the big screen as Nina Schneider in the crime comedy “Ossi’s Eleven” directed by Oliver Mielke.

Between June and September 2010, Habermann portrayed Kitty LaBelle at the Karl May plays in Bad Segeberg, while at the same time playing the role of Erin O’Toole in “Our little farm in Ireland”. After the low-budget flick “Bauernfrühstück,” she continued with another Pilcher adaptation in 2011 with “Englischer Wein,” and Habermann continued her role of Maike Gerber in “Küstenwache.” With appearances in series such as “Alarm für Cobra 11,” “SOKO München,” “Deichbullen” as well as the “Rosenheim Cops,” she primarily served the crime genre, but was also seen in the fantasy hit “Mara und der Feuerbringer” in 2015. Eva Habermann’s latest projects are the horror productions and genre comedies “Sky Sharks” (2020), “Trolls World – Voll Vertrollt!” (2019/ 2020) as well as Tyler Russell’s cyst horror spectacle “Cyst“, she also acts as producer behind the camera on these projects.

Eva Habermann plays the depressive, alcoholic Mona with stringy hair, tear-stained maku up, bloated body, who loses more and more control over her life. You’ve never seen Eva Habermann like this before. And never before has a producer cast her so hard on the psychological abyss, so far from any outward attractiveness. She did it herself – as producer of ‘The Ugly Truth‘. Her appearance is often unflattering to the point of pain. She gained an extra 15 kilos to fill the role.

As someone personally affected, Eva Habermann is committed to getting the subject of depression out of the public taboo corner: “I hope that the film ‘The Ugly Truth’ will show the whole world what it’s like to be a person who is mentally exhausted and suffering from depression. I want people who suffer from depression to feel understood, and I want to show how hard it is for loved ones to deal with it.

It was liberating for me as an actress to turn my innermost self inside out and I stand publicly by the fact that I know these terrible conditions and have learned to live with them. The film is painful but poetic and I hope it brings the issue of depression more into focus in society. It’s important to talk about depression instead of hushing it up. In particular, I want to make it clear that there is no shame in being depressed. Depression is an illness, but it can be cured. This disease can affect anyone who has a predisposition to it. Regardless of how much money or success he has. Inner perception has nothing to do with reality.”

I was very moved that our film, which has won over 50 awards around the world in a wide variety of cultures, such as Nigeria, Israel, Sweden, America, India and even Japan. Our film obviously addresses a universal cross-cultural issue that touches people and connects us all.”

Poems for “The Ugly Truth” by Eva Habermann

1. fortuna’s melody

The sun beckons, the world awakes
It lazily shakes off the night.
Through the morning haze
the day fights ray by ray.
So go out and breathe more freely
Happiness is still yours to choose.
In the rooms of strange houses
Many a stroke of fate is hidden,
Thoughts protect in secret.
What man may not share.
Everything spread out before you,
In harmony it all fits.
But through carelessness misguided.
Fortuna’s melody falls silent.

2. your colors

I see you in all colors,
There is no word that describes you.
Gone are the old scars
In me from long ago.

Freed from worries and turmoil
By your grace abruptly blown.
Your name floating under the sky,
Softly in my heart stands.

3. the threshold of reason

Do we dance across the threshold of reason in fever?
Is this the end of our night?
Upward floating would be my preference.
Desire creates illusions…
Longing as wide as oceans…
deep, infinite, great!
My life flows lazily by,
how I’d like to be weightless now.

4. happiness is fleeting

When two strings vibrate in unison,
they spring from one and the same note
time stands still for a moment,
quite still
because it does not want to disturb us.
It would be so easy, oh could I fly
Cradling you in the softness of the air.
With you in the summer wind united –
Two by two
In intimate infinity

the moment of eternal duration
Runs through me like a shower of blossoms
Of your last dream
a piece
hold on tight, happiness is fleeting

5. deflowered

Entangled in the eternal course of time
That always brings the same message,
And always comes the same way,
The ship in the same place sinks.
Deeply trapped in our actions,
No matter where the flight.
Disgusted with ourselves,
Chained to addiction.
We see at the end of this river
The ferryman as he stands lonely,
He lowers his eyes instead of a greeting
And his hand shows us the way.

Marcus Grüsser

At the age of six, it was already clear to Marcus Grüsser that he wanted to become an actor. The 55-year-old grew up in Berchtesgaden. At boarding school, he signed up for the theater guild. In the early 1990s, he appeared in “Derrick” as a young man in his mid-twenties. This was followed by appearances in “Forsthaus Falkenau,” in the RTL series “Hinter GitternDer Frauenknast,” and in “Soko 5113.

At the same time, at the age of 19, he began training as a stuntman at the stunt school “Professional Action Stunt Bavaria” in Munich. He participated in the beginnings of the “Bavaria Stunt Show“. This was followed by three and a half years of acting training at the Zinner Studio in Munich, and later he attended the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles. “My stay there brought me the most,” he says looking back. It’s important to keep at it, he says: “I’m always in training, still attending seminars today.” Art is in a constant state of flux, he says, and acting is constantly changing. In the end, it was his looks that assigned him the role of the attractive and charming heartbreaker as an actor in front of the camera. Grüsser was booked for numerous “Rosamunde Pilcher” and “Inga Lindström” film adaptations, for the television series “Im Tal der wilden Rosen” and for the well-known “Traumschiff“. From 2010 to 2017, he took on the role of Stefan Herbst in “Kreuzfahrt ins Glück” as a wedding planner, sailing the oceans for several months a year. Being alone in the role of the beau was difficult for him. The “Kreuzfahrt ins Glück” was then over for Marcus Grüsser after eight years. In order to develop his acting skills, he had to find other roles.

Grüsser shot the film “The Ugly Truth” in 2019. He plays Theo Kaufmann, a man plagued by fears of failure whose greatest wish is to become a novelist. “A good-for-nothing who stands in the shadow of his wife.” He has won multiple Best Actor awards for his authentic performance in “The Ugly Truth.” (“8th Northern Virginia int’l Film Festival“; “3rd Kosice int’l Film Festival”; “9th Västeras Festival“).

Shortly after, Grüsser got the offer to participate in “Sisi“. For him, it was both an opportunity and proof to slip into the role of the father of Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary in an acting mature way. “It was indeed a huge production.” For the wedding scene alone, he says, 250 people were on the set. Large parts of the TV series were shot in Latvia and Lithuania, but also in Grüssers’ old home around Berchtesgaden.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2022  Sissi – Season 2  M. Alexandre/S. BohseTV Now/RTL plus
Zimmer mit Stall – So ein Zirkus    Filippos Tsitos  Roxyfilm GmbH
Autobahn     Ngo the Chau   Action Concept
2021Der Beischläfer 2   Sebastian Sorger The Amazing Film
Sissi – Season 1   Sven Bohse Beta Film GmbH
The Ugly Truth | Die wahre Schönheit Krishna Ashu Bhati Fantomfilm GmbH

Caroline Hartig

Caroline Hartig made her first feature films and TV movies at the age of 15. Early on, she took on roles in well-known TV series such as “Unter Gaunern” (2015) and “Notruf Hafenkante” (2017). Between 2015 and 2016, she took lessons with acting coach and director Ron Burrus in Berlin and Hamburg. In 2017, she played a leading role together with Heino Ferch in the episode “Gnadenlos” of the ZDF crime series “Helen Dorn“. Shortly thereafter, Caroline Hartig was convincing in Dresden’s “Tatort: Level X” in the lead role of the pastor’s daughter Emilia Kohn.

In the same year, she played the student Paula Herford in the adventure drama “KilimanjaroReise ins Leben” (2017) alongside Anna Maria Mühe. Further episodic roles followed in 2018 in “Neben der Spur” and 2019 in “Sarah Kohr – Das verschwundene Mädchen,” among others. In “Der Kroatien-KrimiDer Mädchenmörder von Krac,” Caroline Hartig was seen as the innkeeper’s daughter Eva Tomic, who is found beaten to death. In the ARD two-parter “Weingut Wader,” Caroline Hartig impressively played the blind winemaker’s daughter Tori Wader. Shooting of two more “Weingut Wader” films was completed in the summer.

In December 2019, she was seen in the ProSieben mystery thriller “Schattenmoor“. In the absolute lead role, she embodies 17-year-old Emma, who newly transfers to the remote boarding school Schattenmoor and looks confusingly similar to a missing student (also played by Caroline Hartig). In 2019, Caroline Hartig was in front of the camera for “The Ugly Truth,” for which she won “Best Actress” at the 11th Oceanside Festival, among other awards. In December 2019, she was seen in the ProSieben mystery thriller “Schattenmoor“. In 2020 followed the filming of the series “Blackout“, which will be broadcast this year at the Berlinale.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2022Das Großstadtrevier Stephanie Stöcker     Letterbox Filmproduktion
Heiland – Season 4   Oliver Schmitz  Olga Film
2021Das Privileg    Katharina Schöde & Felix Fuchssteiner Bavaria Filmproduktion
Fillip  Michal Kwiecinski   Askon Studio
Sissi  Sven BohseBeta Film GmbH
Ich bin Sophie Scholl   Tom LassSommerhaus Filmproduktion
The Ugly Truth | Die wahre SchönheitKrishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH
2020Blackout      Lancelot von NasoW&B Television
2019Schattenmoor  Marc Schießer  ITV Studios Germany

Lilly Liefers

Lilly Liefers is a German actress who took off in 2012. She is the older daughter of actors Jan Josef Liefers and Anna Loos. She became known for her portrayal of Charlotte Jessen in the crime film series “Neben der Spur“. At just nine years old, Lilly stood in front of the camera for the first time. In 2012, she starred in the TV movie “Katie FfordeDiagnose Liebe.” Films such as “Wer liebt, lässt los” and “Der Geschmack von Apfelkern” followed. The then eleven-year-old also played a role in Til Schweiger’s tragicomedy “Honig im Kopf” alongside her friend Emma Schweiger, with whom she now also acts in “The Ugly Truth.” In “The Ugly Truth” she also makes her debut as a singer with the song “Edge of Myself.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2022Neben der Spur: Die andere FrauJosef RusnakNetwork Movie Film GmbH
2021The Ugly Truth | Die wahre SchönheitKrishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH
Neben der Spur: Schließe deine AugenJosef RusnakNetwork Movie Film GmbHPictures
2020Neben der Spur: Erlöse michJosef RusnakNetwork Movie Film GmbH GmbH

Emma Schweiger

Emma Schweiger is the youngest daughter of German actor and director Til Schweiger and US entrepreneur Dana Schweiger. At the age of 5, the then five-year-old delighted the whole of Germany in her role as the sweet Cheyenne-Blue in the film “Keinohrhasen“. Since then, Emma has been seen many times on movie screens. Among them in “Zweiohrküken.” She had her first leading role in 2011 in the film “Kokowääh” to which a sequel was released in 2013. In addition, at the age of 16 she played the role of Tilda Rosenbach in the film “Honig im Kopf“.

In the same year, she appeared with her father in a commercial for the online movie portal Watchever and took on a speaking role in Til Schweiger’s animated film “Keinohrhasen und Zweiohrküken“. From 2016, she lived with her mother in Malibu, USA, for five years and graduated from high school in 2021. For her acting achievements, the 20-year-old was honored with both the “New Faces Award” as best young actress and the Austrian film prize “Romy“.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2022Manta Manta 2  Til SchweigerConstantin Film
2021Die Rettung der uns bekannten WeltTil SchweigerBarefoot Films
The Ugly Truth | Die wahre Schönheit    Krishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH
2020Conni & Co 2 – Das Geheimnis des T-RexTil SchweigerProducers at Work

Arved Friese

Arved Friese is a German actor. He made his cameo debut in 2010 as David in the television film “Bella Vita“. After a few supporting roles, he played his first leading role in 2015 as Theo in the comedy “Der Nanny” as the cheeky son of the building contractor played by Schweighöfer. In 2017, he got more leading roles. Among others, as the title character Timm Thaler in the James Krüss novel adaptation “Timm Thaler oder Das verkaufte Lachen” directed by Andreas Dresen. For this role, he was awarded the “Goldener Spatz” as “Best Actor” in 2017.

Friese also appeared in the music video for the song “Das Licht dieser Welt” which Gisbert zu Knyphausen wrote for the film. Other film and television productions followed, including the series “Der Krieg und ich” (2017), the family series “Schule fürs Leben” (2019), the fantasy film “Die Wolf-Gäng” (2018), and “FritzieDer Himmel muss warten“, the sequel to “Schule fürs Leben“. In 2021, he starred in the dramedy “The Ugly Truth” with Eva Habermann and in the two-part film “WaldgerichtEin Schwarzwaldkrimi” with Jessica Schwarz.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2021Waldgericht – Ein SchwarzwaldkrimiMarcus O. RosenmüllerAll-In-Production
The Ugly Truth | Die wahre SchönheitKrishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH
2020Fritzie – der Himmel muss wartenNeelesha Barthel, Kerstin AhlrichsPolyphon Filmgesellschaft
Die Wolf-GängTim TrageserRat Pack Filmproduktion
2016Timm Thaler oder das verkaufte LachenAndreas DresenConstantin Film

Tom Böttcher

Tom Böttcher, born on 03.11.1994 in Rostock, grew up in Hamburg and graduated from high school there in 2013. He gained his first acting experience in the “BackstageJugendclub” at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. There, he was also discovered by an acting agent in 2012 and thus got his first episode supporting role in the episode “Gefährliches Spiel” of the ZDF crime series “StubbeVon Fall zu Fall” as the oddball Mirco. This was followed by roles in short films and television productions. In October 2014, he then began his acting studies at the Film University Potsdam “Konrad Wolf”.

Even during his studies, he was repeatedly in front of the camera, such as in 2015 in the ARD television series “Die Eifelpraxis” in the leading role of Paul Mundt. He was seen in episodic roles in various television series. His theater career began after graduating from 2016-2018 at the Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam. Since October 2022, Böttcher has been active on the video portal TikTok with real-life re-enacted puppetry videos based on the Augsburger Puppenkiste.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2022ParadiseBoris KunzNEUESUPER GmbH
Another MondayEsther Bialas, Nathon NillConstantin TV GmbH
2021Birds of WarStefan PellegriniKimotion Pictures
2020The Ugly Truth | Die wahre SchönheitKrishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH

Mascha Paul

Mascha Paul was born as the daughter of the German actress Christiane Paul and the doctor Sven Prinz. As a youth track and field athlete, she was active with the OSC Berlin. Her first role was in the ZDF television film “Ein Fisch namens Liebe” directed by Hansjörg Thurn and shot in Berlin and Cappadocia in late 2014. In a flashback at the beginning of the film, she plays the younger main character Vicky in three short film scenes, who is portrayed by her mother in the rest of the film.

In 2017, she completed a five-month acting workshop at a film acting academy in Canada. On January 5, 2020, she appeared in the role of Bonnie, a teenager who lives in a home for severely educable youths on the island of Neuwerk, in the Hamburg crime scene “Tschill Out.” In 2021 she played the role of Cindy in the dramedy “The Ugly Truth“. The following year she played the role of Anna in “Flügel aus Beton” directed by Lea Becker and the role of Henriette in “Lehrer kann jeder!” directed by Ingo Rasper.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2022Flügel aus BetonLea BeckerOdeon Fiction GmbH
Lehrer kann jeder!Ingo RasperRealfilm Berlin
2021The Ugly Truth | Die wahre SchönheitKrishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH
Tatort: Tschill OutEoin MooreFilmpool Fiction GmbH

Elias Eisold

Elias Eisold, born 2002 Dresden attended many different acting workshops in his life. Since 2015 he has been an ensemble member of the Theaterakademie of the Theater Junge Generation in Dresden. He toured Dresden kindergartens with the production “Wind” in 2017. Since 2017, Eisold has also been in front of the camera for film and TV productions. In fall 2018, he filmed under the direction of Max Färberböck alongside Mavie Hörbiger and Fabian Hinrichs for the TV drama “Ich brauche euch.” He embodied the young Jani who lived with his aunt after the death of his mother. Next to him, Geraldine Schlette played his sister Alexandra. The film premiered in June 2019 at the Munich Film Festival.

In 2019, Elias Eisold was seen in the TV series “Der Krieg und ich” in an episode role as Walter. In the 5th season of the TV series “In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte” (2020), he had an episode lead role as the worried son Tino Hafernagel, who should not find out that his separated parents have found each other again. In the 3rd season of the TV series “Babylon Berlin“, he played the small supporting role of the “Catholics hunting” HJ-ler Wilfried alongside Emil von Schönfels and Ivo Pietzcker. In the 16th season of the ZDF series SOKO Wismar (2020), Eisold took on one of the episode’s lead roles as the introverted cousin of a slain dropout and “containing” eco-activist. In the 15th season of the ZDF production “Notruf Hafenkante” (2020), he had another episode lead role as suspected underage psychotherapy patient Lars Ahlers. In the 21st season of the ZDF series “SOKO Leipzig” (2020), Eisold played a chess junior Roman Polatkin, who kills his coach to avenge the suicide of his girlfriend.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2021Der ParfumeurNils WillbrandtConstantin TV GmbH
LauchhammerTill FranzenMOOVIE GmbH
WolfslandCüneyt KayaMolina Film
The Ugly Truth | Die wahre SchönheitKrishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH

Simon Böer

Simon Böer is a German actor who has made a name for himself through numerous TV series and films. Böer was born on October 15, 1974 in Bonn. He finished school with the Abitur. After completing his civilian service, he began studying acting at the Academy of Film and Television in Potsdam in 1996. During this time he already celebrated his theater debut at Tacheles and Theater unterm Dach. After graduating in 1999, he landed engagements at the Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe. In 2002, he worked as an independent actor at various Berlin theaters such as the Volksbühne. He first appeared in front of the camera in 2000 in the short film “Jedertag“. Since 2002, he has appeared in various TV series such as “Nikola” (2004), “Balko” (2005), “SOKO Wismar” (2005, 2014) and “Polizeiruf 110” (2006, 2007). From 2008 to 2016, he took on the recurring role of Dr. Philipp Rost in “Notruf Hafenkante“.

He was allowed to shoot his first feature film in 2003. He appeared alongside Annett Renneberg in the erotic thriller “Devot”. In 2005, he also appeared in “Elementarteilchen“. In 2010, he was cast in the lead role of Maximilian Castellhoff in “Alisa – Folge deinem Herzen” a telenovela that was later renamed “HannaFolge deinem Herzen.” From 2013 to 2016, Böer played the lead role of a single, Protestant pastor in “Herzensbrecher – Vater von vier Söhnen.” In 2013, he landed a role in the Hollywood production “Nymphomaniac” by Lars von Trier. In 2016, Böer impressed with his lead role in the KiKA seriesBeutolomäus und der wahre Weihnachtsmann.” A year later, the actor was seen in series such as “Tatort” and “Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei.” Since 2019, he has been miming the role of Sascha Hoffmann in the series “Merz gegen Merz“. In October 2020, it was announced that Böer will replace Hendrik Duryn in the RTL series “Der Lehrer.” In the future, he will play math and physics teacher Martin Ritter. In his private life, Simon Böer is married. He has two children, a daughter named Mia and a son named Milon. In the series “Der Lehrer,” Milon plays the son of Böer’s character. The actor is also increasingly involved with the DKMS and Kindernothilfe.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2022Marie fängt Feuer: Das zweite ichKathrin SchmidtMadeFor Film
2021Tatort: MaskenAyse PolatZeitsprung Pictures
Der LehrerRichard HuberSony Pictures Film
The Ugly Truth | Die wahre SchönheitKrishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH
2020Enfant TerribleOskar RoehlerBavaria Film

Wolfgang S. Zechmayer

Wolfgang Sebastian Zechmayer born February 11, 1962 in Vienna is an Austrian film and television actor. Zechmayer had his first supporting role as a teenager in Peter Patzak’s television film “Glückssachen” (1977) and a first small role as a student in the television film “Julius Tandler“(1985), also by Patzak. He then completed his acting training from 1980 to 1986 at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, where he attended workshops with Lee Strasberg, Anthony Quinn, Bob Fosse, Uta Hagen, Al Pacino and David Proval. After another small role in Fred Williamson and Alain Zaloum‘s action thriller “Dangerous Action“(original title: “South Beach“; 1993), he appeared in numerous TV and cinema productions from 1994. Zechmayer is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and lives in Berlin.

Filmography (Excerpt)

2022SteirerkunstWolfgang MurnbergerAlegro Film
2021McLenBurger – 100% HeimatMarkus HerlingAriane Krampe Filmprod.
The Ugly Truth | Die wahre SchönheitKrishna Ashu BhatiFantomfilm GmbH
20196 auf einen Streich. Der starke HansMathias SteurerTV 60
Familie Dr. Kleist – Hart am LimitHeidi KranzPolyphon Filmgesellschaft

Trailer (German)

The Ugly Truth | Trailer - Theo's Perspective

The Ugly Truth | Trailer - Hanna's Perspective


DatumName des FestivalsPreiseLandSektion
01.11.202135. Braunschweig Internationales Film FestivalGermanyNew German Films Program
22.11.202175th International Festival del Cinema di SaleroItalyOfficial Competition
25.11.20214th Rieti & Sabina Film FestivalItalyOfficial Competition
28.11.202110th Catania Film FestItalyOfficial Selection
01.12.2021Festival de Cine #MICMX3MexicoOfficial Selection
04.12.202111th Near Nazareth International Film FestivalWinner Best Feature FilmIsraelOfficial Selection, VIP Program
25.12.20213rd Vindhya International Film Festival of Media PradeshIndiaOfficial Selection
31.12.20215th The Golden Wheat AwardsWinner Best PosterTurkeyOfficial Selection
07.01.202214th Jaipur International Film FestivalSpecial Jury MentionIndiaOfficial Competition
12.01.20227th Capricon Film FestivalAustraliaCAPS Play
28.01.20222nd Best Indie AwardsBest Feature Indie FilmUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
10.02.20223rd LA Sun Film FestivalBest Narrative Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
Best Director
Best Actress Eva Habermann
22.02.202211th Oceanside International Film FestivalBest PictureUSAOfficial Competition
Best Narrative Feature
Best Actress Caroline Hartig
Best Script
23.02.20224th Prison City Film FestivalBest International FilmUSAOfficial Competition
Best Camera
Best Music
Best Supp. Actor: Simon Böer
Best Supp. Actress: Eva Habermann
Best Submission
24,02.20225th Moody Crab Film FestivalIndiaOfficial Selection
05.03.20223rd Sincise Film FestivalIndiaOfficial Selection
15.03.20224th Malta Film FestivalMaltaOfficial Selection
19.03.20221st Prime International FestivalBest Director AwardIndiaOfficial Selection
20.03.20224th Kalahari Film FestIndiaOfficial Selection
24.03.20225th Nepal International Film FestivalNepalOfficial Selection
24.03.20223rd First Film Festival Leavenworth KansasUSAOfficial Selection
25.03.202210th Maryland International Film Festival HagerstownUSAOfficial Selection
29.03.202211th FILUMS International Film FestivalPakistanOfficial Selection
31.03.20223rd Golden Nugget International Film FestivalUnited KingdomNomination
31.03.20224th Yelowstone International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
31.03.20222nd International World Film AwardsBest Narrative Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
31.03.20229. Berliner International Art Film FestivalBester erzählerischer SpielfilmGermanyOfficial Competition
01.04.20223rd Toronto Films and Scripts AwardBest Narrative Feature FilmCanadaOfficial Competition
02.04.20223rd L.A. IndiesBest Director AwardUSAOfficial Competition
03.04.20228th The Northern Virginia International Film & Music FestivalBest Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
Best Foreign Feature Film
Best Actor: Marcus Grüsser
Best Sup. Actress: Eva Habermann
Best Director – Feature Film
Best Drama – Feature Film
Best Screenplay – Feature Film
Best Editing – Feature Film
04.04.20222nd California IndiesUSAOfficial Competition
07.04.20222nd New York Indpendent Vinema AwardsUSAOfficial Competition
10.04.20227th Naoussa International Film FestivalGreeceOfficial Competition
13.04.20221st International Brightlight Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
16.04.20223rd Aravali International Film FestivalIndiaOfficial Competition
19.04.20221st Scotland International Festival of CinemaUSAOfficial Competition
20.04.20221st Kansas Arthouse FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
20.04.20222nd International Cosmopolitian Film Festival of TokyoJapanOfficial Competition
20.04.202255th WordFest-Houston International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
20.04.20221st Seattle Movie AwardsBest Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
23.04.20227th BLASTOFFUnited KingdomOfficial Award Nomination
24.04.20229th Red Dirt Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
24.04.202220th Riverside International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
25.04.202214th Red Dragon Creative AwardsBest Female ActorUSAOfficial Competition
26.04.202216th Fort Myers Beach International Film FestUSAOfficial Competition
28.04.202223rd Bare Bones International Film & Music FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
01.05.20221. Emerald PeacockLobende ErwähnungGermanyOfficial Competition
02.05.20221st Santa Barbara Film AwardsBest Producer AwardUSAOfficial Competition
05.05.202217th Harlem International Film FestivalBest World FilmUSAOfficial Competition
05.05.20224th Florence Film FestivalBest Feature FilmItalyOfficial Competition
06.05.20223rd Wonderous Stories Film FestivalUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
06.05.20221st Miami Indie Film AwardsBest Actress: Eva HabermannUSAOfficial Competition
Best Script
06.05.202219th Cine Probe Film FestivalHonorable MentionMexicoOfficial Competition
08.05.20229th Darbhanga International Film FestivalBest Actress: Eva HabermannUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
12.05.20221st London New Wave Cinema AwardsUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
14.05.202214th Los Angeles Reel Film FestUSAOfficial Competition
18.05.20221st Beyond Hollywood International Film FestivalChileOfficial Competition
19.05.20225th Romford Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
19.05.20226th Southern Cone International Film FestivalChileOfficial Competition
22.05.20222nd Hollywood Gold AwardsSilver Award – Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
22.05.20221st London Movie AwardsHonorable MentionUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
27.05.20221st Paris Film AwardsFranceOfficial Competition
29.05.20223rd Indo Global International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
01.06.20221st Stardust Films and Sceenplay FestivalBest Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
02.06.20221st Panama City Independent Film FestivalPanamaOfficial Competition
03.06.20222nd Boston Indemendent Film AwardsUSAOfficial Competition
08.06.202211th Richmond International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
08.06.20223rd Kosice International Film FestivalBest ActorSlovakiaOfficial Competition
09.06.20222nd FICIMADBest Actress: Eva HabermannSpainOfficial Competition
10.06.20222nd OTB Only The Best Film AwardsUSAOfficial Competition
10.06.20223rd Piermont Fim FestivalBest Drama FeatureUSAOfficial Competition
10.06.20224th Columbia Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
10.06.20222nd Milan Gold AwardsSilver Award – Feature FilmItalyOfficial Competition
11.06.20222nd Budapest Movie AwardsGrand Prix: Feature FilmHungaryOfficial Competition
12.06.202213th New York City Independent Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
17.06.20228th Toronto Independent Film Festival of CiftBest International Feature FilmCanadaSemi Finalist
18.06.20222nd Omnia Film AwardsItalyOfficial Competition
20.06.20221st Portland New Alternative VoiceUSAOfficial Competition
22.06.2022Top Film AwardsBest Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
24.06.20221st Kingston International Film FestivalUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
24.06.20229th Rosarito International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
25.06.20221st New City Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
26.06.20223rd New York Movie AwardsSilver Award: Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
27.06.20224th Los Angeles Independent Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
30.06.20222nd Hollywood International Golden Age FestivalBest International Feature FilmUSAOfficial Competition
02.07.20228th Fickin International Film Festival KinshasaKongoOfficial Competition
07.07.202215th Festival International Cine Del MarUruguayOfficial Competition
09.07.20223rd Orlando International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
11.07.20222nd LA Ind. Women Film AwardsBest Produced ScriptUSAOfficial Competition
16.07.202212th Blue Whiskey Independent Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
16.07.20222nd Brittany International Film FestivalFranceOfficial Competition
18.06.20225th Swindon Independent Film FestivalUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
21.07.20225th Bergen International Film Festival of NJUSAOfficial Competition
23.07.20222nd Screen Power Film FestivalWinner Best SoundUSAOfficial Competition
26.07.20222nd Cannes International Cinema FestivalFranceOfficial Competition
27.07.20226th Festival for Drama Films & WritingBest Feature FilmCanadaOfficial Competition
04.08.20228th Cobb International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
05.08.20225th FestCine Pedra AzulBrazilOfficial Competition
05.08.2022Nawada International Film Festival 3rd SeasonIndiaOfficial Competition
05.08.20224th The Tylerman International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
05.08.20225th Wild Sound Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
07.08.202227th SAFLIM San Antonio Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
10.08.20223rd Sweet Life Film FestivalItalyOfficial Competition
11.08.20223rd Lakefront Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
11.08.202230th Chichister International Film FestivalUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
13.08.202211th Depth of Filed International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
19.08.20227th RTF Realtime International Film FestivalBest Foreign FilmUSAOfficial Competition
19.08.20229th Västervas FilmfestivalBest CinematographySwedenOfficial Competition
Best Actor
26.08.20221st Tatra International Film FestivalSlovakiaOfficial Competition
26.08.20223rd The I AM Film FestivalUnited KingdomOfficial Competition
26.08.20225th Minfield Film Festival AlbuquerqueDiamond Ward Best FeatureUSABi-Monthly Competition
30.08.20225th Great Message International Film FestivalIndiaOfficial Competition
30.08.202212th Los Angeles Lift-Off Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
01.09.20222nd Mumbai Entertainment International Film FestivalBest Feature FilmIndiaOfficial Competition
02.09.20224th Manhattanhenge Film AwardsUSAOfficial Competition
08.09.202214th Burbank International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
08.09.20221st New Dreams International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
08.09.20227th Royal Starr Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
08.09.20223rd New York True Venture Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
09.09.20223rd Victory International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
11.09.20224th Castellabate Film FestivalItalyOfficial Competition
12.09.202219th Syracuse International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
14.09.20223rd CineOFF – International Independent Film FestivalItalyOfficial Competition
15.09.20226th Wales International Film FestivalBest International FeatureUSAOfficial Competition
16.09.20224th Twin Tiers International FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
17.09.20224th Deep Focus Film FestivalHonorable MentionUSAOfficial Competition
22.09.202216th Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
28.09.20227th Revolution Me Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
01.10.20223rd GTX Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
11.10.20224th World Cinema Antwerp BelgiumBelgiumOfficial Competition
13.10.202210th Chelsea Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
14.10.20224th Dumbo Film FestivalUSASemi Finalist
16.10.202214th Louisville International Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
26.10.20222nd Bayelsa International Film FestivalNigeriaOfficial Competition
04.11.20222nd Rising Sin International Film FestivalJapanOfficial Competition
10.11.20224th Ethos Film AwardsUSAOfficial Competition
02.12.202221st Los Angeles Indoe Film FestivalUSAOfficial Competition
20.05.20238th UnderGround FilmfestItalyOfficial Competition

Features and technical data of the physical editions

Blu-Ray | Aspect ratio: WS 1:1,85 / 1080p 23.976 | Total running time film: 101 min | Sound format: German Dolby Surround 5.1 and 2.0 | Subtitles: English | Bonus: Trailer 1 “Theos Perspective” and Trailer 2 “Hannas Perspective” | Packaging: Scanavo-Box | Reversible cover without FSK logo | FSK 16

DVD | Picture format: WS 1:1,85 / 1080p 23.976 | Total running time film: 101 Min | Sound format: German Dolby Surround 5.1 and 2.0 | Subtitles: English | Bonus: Trailer 1 “Theos Perspective” and Trailer 2 “Hannas Perspective” | Packaging: Amaray (transparent) | Reversible cover without FSK logo | FSK 16


🎬 “The Ugly Truth” by Krishna Ashu Bhati with Eva Habermann available today

Today the family tragicomedy ‘Die Wahre Schönheit’ (English title: “The Ugly Truth”) by Eva Habermann is released in Germany on DVD and Blu-Ray as well as internationally on VoD portals. Her 4th self-produced film ‘Die wahre Schönheit’ has already won more than 54 awards at film festivals worldwide this year, 19 of them in the category…


“Cyst” by Tyler Russell with Eva Habermann available today physically and digitally

After the horror comedy “Cyst” by director Tyler Russel with Eva Habermann, George Hardy, Gene Jones, Greg Sestero and Jason Douglas was shown in the cinema and already as Premium VoD via UCM.ONE’s B-Spree Pictures label in time for Halloween 2021, the film is now also available on Blu-Ray and DVD as well as in…


As of today, the film “Cyst” by Tyler Russell with Eva Habermann and Jason Douglas is available digitally

Starting today, director Tyler Russel’s star-studded horror comedy “Cyst,” starring Eva Habermann, George Hardy, Gene Jones, Greg Sestero and Jason Douglas, is available for purchase or rental from many VoD portals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The film, released on UCM.ONE’s B-Spree Pictures label, was shot in Baltimore, the third most dangerous city in the…


“Cyst” with Eva Habermann and Jason Douglas in the cinema on October 16 in Cologne

On October 16 at 7:30 pm you have the unique opportunity to see the creature horror comedy “Cyst” in Cologne at an exclusive cinema screening on the big screen, presented by Filmbörse Köln and Filmclub 813! Lead actress Eva Habermann, who also co-produced the film, and her ensemble colleague Jason Douglas, who should be known…