The film “Like Dogs“, which is now being released on UCM.ONE‘s B-Spree Pictures label, is a terror horror thriller that crosses borders and lets us look deep into human abysses. Director Randy Van Dykle relentlessly works with the expectations of those viewers who have a certain genre experience through torture-porn films such as “Hostel 1-3” or the “Saw series“, only to then positively surprise them with unexpected plot twists.


Lisa (Annabel Barrett) and Adam (Ignacyo Matynia), who are complete strangers to each other, are kidnapped out of the blue by strangers and locked in a kind of dog kennel where they are chained tightly to the walls with collars. Under video surveillance, they are constantly humiliated by masked men who give them – like dogs – only short orders and feed them daily from food nets. They have to defecate in a gutter in their kennel and are treated like caged animals.

Now and then they are allowed to go for a walk in a fenced yard. Any attempt to escape is futile, however, because they wear collars that choke them to the point of unconsciousness if they try to move outside the permitted areas.

Lisa and Adam become friends and work out an escape plan. In fact, they manage to overpower one of their unknown tormentors. But then everything turns out differently than expected, because they are “only” part of a perfidious university experiment…

Film data

Original title
Like Dogs
Director: Randy Van Dyke
Producer: Amos Burns, Kelly Faltis
Actors: Annabel Barrett, Ignacyo Matynia, Ryan Q. Tran, Shay Denison, Nicole Bleacher, Clay Coleman-Davis, Alan Maxson, Chris Calabrese, Dustin Miller, Juan Manuel Cabral, Jack Lewis Acebedo, Justin Armao, Juliet Bato, Xavi Casanova, Edmund Arellano Cleofe, Matt Davies-Morris, Michael Deschaine, Nick Deverian, Bryan Scott Ewing, John Connor Fitzgerald John Connor Fitzgerald, David Fabian Gutierrez, John Lam, Josh Maslaki, Jeremiah McKibbins, Malachite Obsidian Perry, Skip Rocks, Sina Siassi, Donavyn Suffel, Connor Vera, Dave Vera, Anthony Wells
Country: USA
Premiere: Oktober 01, 2021 in the USA and Canada


The release of the film “Like Dogs” on the B-Spree Pictures label is the worldwide release on DVD & Blu-ray.

Comments about the movie

“The film offers fresh ideas in an often shunned subgenre of torture porn.” (Tales of Terror)

“One that knows horror fans have seen similar films before and know what to expect… and then completely shatters their expectations! There aren’t enough adjectives to praise what Van Dyke has created in Like Dogs, quite honestly.” (

“This film is packed with no small amount of mean-spiritedness, rawness and the courage to just throw away everything you know at the start. There are big decisions being made in this film and it’s great to see.” (

“The strong performances by all involved ground the film and make it a cool piece of genre cinema.” (Mike Haberfelner /

“Director Van Dyke keeps the atmosphere deadly and gritty, and thanks to solid production design, we’re never too far from the gross-out feeling as Lisa and Adam plot to escape.” (

“Like Dogs, an absolutely terrifying and brilliant indie horror film…” (

Technical data

DVD | Picture format: WS 2.35:1 (anamorphic | Running time: approx. 89 min | Sound formats: German DD 5.1, English DD 5.1 | Extra: Original Trailer, German Trailer, Artwork Gallery, Trailershown (Cyst, Atomic Eden) | Genres: Horror, Thriller | Rating: FSK 18

Blu-Ray | Picture format: WS 2.35:1 / 1080p 23.976 | Running time: approx. 93 min (93,21) | Sound formats: German DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 | Extra: Original Trailer, German Trailer, Artwork Gallery, Trailershown (Cyst, Atomic Eden) | Genres: Horror | Rating: FSK 18

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Further information

More information about the film label: B-Spree Pictures