Accompanied by a fantastic title song (“Havin’ Myself a Fine Time“) by pop and country star Tim Morgan, the film “One More Train to Rob” (German title: “Heißes Gold aus Calador” is a fun 70s western treat for all fans of westerns and action comedies. UCM.ONE is releasing the film “One More Train to Rob” for the first time in brand new 2K scanning and restoration from the original camera negative in the uncut version in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Despite starring in films such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, alongside the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn or in the star-studded Hollywood western “That was the Wild West“, the leading actor George Peppard became known to the German public primarily through the role of “Hannibal” in the 1980s cult series “The A-Team“. His repeated remark in the role, “I love it when a plan works”, is legendary to this day.


California 1880: The charming crook and womaniser Harker Fleet (George Peppard) is tempted by quick money. That’s why he and his buddy Timothy Nolan (John Vernon) rob a train to get their hands on payroll money. But instead of great riches, prison awaits him, because his accomplice plays false and makes off with the looted money and Harker’s lady of the heart, Katy (Diana Muldaur). When Harker is released after three years, he sets out to find Nolan. The latter has made it big in Calador with the money and has his fingers in almost every business in town. Like Harker, he still has a lot of criminal energy.

So he also seems to be behind the robbery of the gold shipment from a gold mine operating nearby. This gives Harker the idea for an elaborate revenge…

Data about the film

Original title: One More Train to Rob
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Screenplay: Don Tait, Dick Nelson
Producer: Robert Arthur
Actors: George Peppard, Diana Muldaur, John Vernon, France Nuyen, Steve Sandor, Soon-Tek Oh, Richard Loo, Robert Donner, John Doucette, C.K. Yang, Marie Windsor, Timothy Scott, Joan Shawlee, Hal Needham, Harry Carey Jr., Jim Burk, Ben Cooper, Ray Dimas, Guy Lee, Charles Seel, George Chandler, Don ‘Red’ Barry, Pamela McMyler, Merlin Olsen, Phil Olsen
Country: USA
Year: 1971


With “One More Train to Rob”, US director Andrew V. McLaglen, after numerous great westerns with John Wayne (“The Undefeated“, “Chisum“, “Vultures Know No Mercy“) and series in the 50s & 60s & 70s, put another exclamation mark on the last decade of great westerns. After that, he was still convincing at the box office, especially with his war, espionage and action film productions such as “The Wild Geese Are Coming“, “The Sea Wolves Are Coming” & “Explosive Command Atlantic“.

Comments about the movie

“Provides enough action for genre fans, well directed by McLaglen and stunt coordinator Hal Needham.” (

“Not only is it shot in McLaglen’s signature style, it also has an entertaining plot.” (

“An action-packed, largely enjoyable blend of western, gangster film and comedy in which a lack of logic and psychology is elegantly papered over by the direction, and especially by the lead actor’s mischievous sense of humour.” (Dictionary of International Film)

“With “Hot Gold from Calador” genre director Andrew McLaglen succeeded in creating an action-packed and amusing mixture of western, gangster film and comedy.” (

“Director Andrew V. McLaglen continues his fascination with Westerns in this routine but skillfully directed film from the last days of the genre.” (

“Humorous western in which bandit George Peppard seeks revenge on a fellow outlaw and reclaims his girl.” (

“Light western fare, but harmless enough that you can get into it. Peppard is fun, and there are a few good moments that feel like a western version of Point Blank.” (Review /

Technical data

Mediabook | Blu-Ray picture format: 1.85:1 / 1080p 23,976; DVD picture format: 1.85:1 (anamorphic) | Blu-Ray running time: approx. 108 min. ; DVD running time: 104 min. | Blu-Ray sound formats: German DTS- HD Master Audio 2.0 (mono), English DTS- HD Master Audio 2.0 (mono); DVD sound formats: German DD 2.0 (mono), English DD 2.0 (mono) | Extras: Original trailer, artwork gallery | Rating: FSK 16

Blu-Ray | Picture format: 1.85:1 / 1080p 23,976 | Running time: approx. 108 min. | Sound formats: German DTS- HD Master Audio 2.0 (mono), English DTS- HD Master Audio 2.0 (mono | Extras: Original Trailer, Artwork Gallery | Rating: FSK 16

DVD | Picture format: 1.85:1 (anamorphic) | Running time: 104 min. | Sound formats: German DD 2.0 (mono), English DD 2.0 (mono) | Extras: Original Trailer, Artwork Gallery | Rating: FSK 16

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