All Through the Hall” is an award-winning indie thriller about robbers, gangsters and a security guard with a dangerous secret. UCM.ONE will market the film widely on the film label U1 Films Berlin. The release is currently planned for the second quarter of 2024.


Ben, who wants to leave his past behind him and is looking for a normal life, works as a security guard in a warehouse. But his past catches up with him when three strangers break into the warehouse and the dodgy old gangster Gruber is expected. A deadly game of cat and mouse begins – who will survive the double game?

Awards (selection):

2022 Los Angeles Crime & Horror Film Festival, USA, “Best Film” -> All Through The Halls

2022 British International Film Festival, UK, “Best Thriller” -> -> All Through The Halls

2022 Brno Film Festival, Czech Republic, “Best Thriller” -> -> All Through The Halls

Data on the film

All Through The Hall
Director: Falko Jakobs
Screenplay: Rami Abu-Issa, Falko Jakobs
Cast: Guido Grollmann, Adrian Linke, Nadine Stöneberg, Tim Olrik Stöneberg, Andreas von Studnitz
Cinematography: Falko Jakobs, Raoul Schmitz
Editing: Falko Jakobs
Sound: Philipp Zenz
Makeup: Alexandra Peter
Music: Falko Jakobs
Country: Germany
Year of production: 2022
Production: Skyroad Films
Genre: Thriller
Lenght: 74 Min
Language: German
Subtitle: English
Aspect Ratio: 2,39:1


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Further information

More information about the film label: U1 Films Berlin