Discover the latest work from the Time Unlimited artist of the zero hour – “Roughage – Enchanted Place“. This extraordinary release includes four impressive tracks that take you into a magical world.:

The EP is charged with positive energy and urges to be heard. The powerful beats and hypnotizing melodies create a unique atmosphere that simply won’t let go. “Enchanted Place” is a masterpiece of electronic music and appeals to both experienced ravers and newcomers to the field. The EP will inspire with its captivating soundscape.

Roughage is an artist from Heidelberg who stands out in the electronic music scene with his innovative sound designs and creative experiments. His music is characterized by a unique blend of genres and styles and has already attracted the attention of music lovers worldwide. He is known for his ability to capture emotions and moods in his tracks and provide listeners with an intense experience.

Enchanted Place” is another multi-faceted release on the Time Unlimited label and demonstrates Roughage‘s constant pursuit of musical innovation and creativity. The EP is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy electronic music in its most diverse form. Experience Roughage‘s artistic vision and let yourself be carried away into a magical world.

Roughage - Second Thrill (Loving You Edit) | Time unlimited


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