Claus Pieper‘s latest release on the Noom Records label is an exciting event for all techno lovers. This release not only features Pieper’s signature sound, but takes it to the next level with the exclusive LOFT 15 A remix.

The main track “Falkenschlag” is a masterful performance that captivates with its urgent and agitated atmosphere. In this track, energetic, driving beats merge with hypnotic melodies, creating a unique dynamic. This combination creates a captivating and intoxicating experience that immediately draws the listener in.

Claus Pieper‘s talent for electronic music is fully revealed in this release. His ability to create complex sound structures while maintaining a clear musical direction makes every track on this album an unforgettable experience. The LOFT 15 A remix adds another dimension to the original version of “Falkenschlag“. This remix expands the listening experience by introducing new textures and layers of sound that reinterpret the original work in an innovative way. This element of the release demonstrates the versatility and creative potential that lies within modern techno music.

Overall, this release on the Noom Records label offers an exciting mix of traditional techno and modern, experimental influences. It is a testament to Claus Pieper‘s skill and position as an influential artist in the electronic music scene. Fans and new listeners alike can look forward to a profound and enriching listening experience that they will surely not soon forget.

Claus Pieper - Falkenschlag | Noom Records

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