The exceptionally atmospherically dense horror film “On the 3rd Day” (German title: “Es geschah am 3. Tag“) by director Daniel de la Vega is released today on UCM.ONE‘s U1 Films Berlin label in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “On the 3rd Day” screened successfully at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada and at the Grimmfest International Festival of Fantastic Film in Manchester (Great Britain) in 2021.

Es geschah am 3. Tag” (Original title: “Al Tercer DĂ­a“; English title: “On the 3rd Day” ) is a dark masterpiece that has what it takes to become a modern classic in the field of vampire films itself one day. UCM.ONE is releasing the film in the uncut version.


Cecilia (Mariana Anghileri) and her eight-year-old son MartĂ­n (Octavio Belmonte) have a serious car accident at night on a country road towards Santa Cruz. Three days later, Cecilia wakes up in the remains of a strange building without knowing what has happened in the meantime or where her son has gone. Wandering around, she is picked up and taken to hospital. She now has repeated visions of MartĂ­n in a red rain cape. Her divorced husband suspects her of having kidnapped the boy, and the police also target only her in the investigation.

Therefore, Cecilia decides to flee from the hospital and look for the person who caused the accident. She gets help to escape from the hospital doctor Dr. Hernán (Lautaro Delgado). But what the two find out in their search for MartĂ­n with the help of a psychic is a trip straight to the edge of sanity and straight to hell…

Movie facts

Original title
Al Tercer DĂ­a
Director: Daniel de la Vega
Producers: Daniel de la Vega, Néstor Sánchez Sotelo
Actors: Mariana Ahghileri, Arturo Bonín, Diego Cremonesi, Lautaro Delgado, Mathias Domizi, Nicolás Galvagno, Verónica Intile, Rodolfo Ranni, Gerardo Romano, Octavio Belmonte
Country: Argentinien
Premiere: February 04, 2021 in Argentinia


The extraordinary camera shots are by Mariano Suárez (“Terrified“). Here, the images become darker and darker as the film develops more mysteriously. “He also knows how to move well in the shadows and sharpen the light in the relevant details. It’s photography without frills, but with a few details to remember.” (

Comments about the movie

“High praise is also due to cinematographer Mariano Suárez (Blood Brothers, Terrified), who gives the film a darkly atmospheric look with unexpected moments of beauty.” (

“The set of the film is magnificent; the whole thing works brilliantly and gives the film the feel of a rich and lush cinematic treat.” (

“It Happened on the 3rd Day is just the latest in a long line of excellent South American horror films, a wonderfully atmospheric work that comes highly recommended to horror fans.” (Sordid Cinema)

“The central mystery of the film is riveting. We don’t know how the pieces connect until the very end. Trying to piece together each new clue is great fun, and the implications of the big reveal are terrifying. There is also a lot of underlying bloody mayhem in It Happened on the 3rd Day, leading up to the finale. Not for the faint-hearted…”  (The Aisle Seat)

“…The narrative style of the film conveys freshness and topicality. At the same time, the film remains true to classic mystical elements of the vampire horror film. Moreover, the ending of It Happened on the Third Day is disturbingly brutal…”  (Heaven of Horror)

“…A clever and carefully structured horror film that successfully incorporates multiple horror tropes without falling into any particular rut. The film takes one path and then another, but they all come together into something familiar that still feels brand new.” (Warped Perspective)

“It Happened on the 3rd Day is an Argentinian horror film from director Daniel de la Vega, who already has a lot of experience in the genre. The film, which is peppered with a wide variety of elements, offers a solid production and a very good cast.” (

“It Happened on the 3rd Day is a compelling horror film, both visually and in terms of the story it tells. It is one of the biggest discoveries of Fantasiafilmfest 2021.” (

Technical datas

DVD | Picture format: WS 2.35:1 (anamorphic | Running time: approx. 81 min | Sound formats: German DD 5.1, Spanish DD 5.1, English DD 5.1 | Extras: Original Trailer, German Trailer, Artwork Gallery | Genres: Horror, Mystery | Rating: FSK 18

Blu-Ray | Picture format: WS 2.35:1 / 1080p 23.976 | Running time: approx. 85 min (84.32) | Sound formats: German DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, Spanish DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 | Extras: Original Trailer, German Trailer, Artwork Gallery | Genres: Horror, Mystery | Rating: FSK 18

On the 3rd Day | Trailer (German) á´´á´°

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