In 2018 the Swiss Artist Youen joined the Plastic City family. Two years later his first sensational album “Sugar Space” followed in 2020 on the label.

His new single “Svalbard” plays with sounds and beats on the Norwegian archipelago between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole. One of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas, Svalbard is known for its rocky, remote terrain with glaciers and frozen tundra, as well as providing shelter for polar bears and arctic foxes.

In winter the northern lights are visible and in summer there is the “midnight sun” with 24 hours of sunshine per day. The second track “SvalRak” is the name of a launch site for sounding rockets near Ny-Ålesund on Spitsbergen. The place is ideal for launching rockets to study the earth’s magnetic field.

Youen - Svalbard (Teaser) | Plastic City

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