Boris Brejcha – Classics 3.5 is the fifth vinyl of the third and final season with the 2 tracks “Take My Space” and “Caloplaca“. Boris Brejcha – Classics 3.6, the last vinyl of the complete series, features the three tracks “Distortion is Nothing“, “Der Mensch wird zur Maschine” and “Der Mensch wird zur Maschine (Theme)“.
With this unique collection, Boris Brejcha is releasing his best works on vinyl for the first time, offering his fans a very special opportunity to experience his music in a new dimension. So if you’re looking for a high-quality and unique release by your favourite artist, don’t miss out on the Boris Brejcha – Classic Collection!
The Boris Brejcha – Classic Collection is an absolute must-have for all fans of the legendary musician and producer. This exclusive collection on 18 strictly limited coloured vinyls includes a total of 45 tracks that are available on record for the first time.

Boris Brejcha – Classics 3.5

(limited 12″ in gold vinyl)



A. Take My Space (08:06)

B. Caloplaca (08:21)

© Harthouse / UCM.ONE

Boris Brejcha – Classics 3.6

(limited 12″ in transparent red vinyl)



A. Distortion is Nothing (09:32)

B1. Der Mensch wird zur Maschine (09:03)
B2. Der Mensch wird zur Maschine [Theme] (07:18)

© Harthouse / UCM.ONE

A good 15 years ago, the first EP of a then 25-year-old Ludwigshafen native was released on Harthouse, and his career quickly went through the roof after that. Today, he is one of the best-known and most successful techno producers and artists worldwide.

Boris Brejcha - Take My Space

Boris Brejcha - Distortion is Nothing

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More information about the label: Harthouse