After a few streaming gigs, Sacha Müller retired to his studio in mid-2020 and posts up to 60 seconds long video clips in black and white images, rarely in color, of the production of his new tracks every month.
Most recently, a new photo session announced (also in black and white) that the release of his new album “Shift Sequence” shouldn’t be too far away. The cover of the album confirms the black and white impression. A color explosion reduced into thousands of gray values.
Shift Sequence” is a wonderful metaphor for Smilla‘s new music. The first track of the same name on the album rocks to working temperature with a bass drum. The first team took over the shift until dawn. It simmers on the surface until the suction slowly sets in, in a gloomy depth of the night shift. The album offers more tracks that fit perfectly into the Harthouse world. No easy fare, dark and disturbing like the gray tones of the artwork in Smilla´s Music.

Those who sorely missed Smilla as a DJ during the lockdown could regularly find out more about his musical activities during Corona on Facebook.

Smilla - Shift Sequence (Harthouse)

More information about the label: Harthouse