The compilation “Dance with the Robots” with 12 tracks on the German┬áHarthouse label provides the sound for the ironman of the club scene. Somewhere between 124 and 130 BPM, the tracks sooner or later prove to be dance floor magnets for everyone. The tracks offer variety both in themselves and as a compilation work of art. The beats are sometimes driving, sometimes hard, sometimes arranged in a more casual or complex way.

Acts like Cybordelics (“Adventures of Dama“) or DJ Lion, who contributes the track “Spinacular” together with AlBird, are also on board. But Co-Fusion┬áwith “Amber” must also be absolutely mentioned, because with him you can dance yourself into trance in the best way.

The legendary track “Polarstern“, originally from “Der Dritte Raum“, was reinterpreted by the “Green Lake Project“. What came out of it, you can hear for yourself: A great remix ,which shows the way to the dancefloor as surely as the polar star leads to the north.

This Harthouse compilation, which is available from February the 24th, will definitely spread good mood and represents an exciting cross-section of innovative and exciting music.


01. Breitenstein – No Past No Future (sik├Şra Remix)
02. Co-Fusion – Amber
03. Cybordelics – Adventures of Dama (Noxious Element Club Mix)
04. Der Dritte Raum – Polarstern (Green Lake Project Remix)
05. Tom Wax & Drea Perlon – Fragments of the Past
06. Marco Zaffarano & Andy Lupoli – Concentrate

07. Smilla – Thought
08. Plasmatique – Circularity
09. Thomas Helmich – Off Grid
10. DJ Lion & AlBird – Spinicular
11. SOURCEandRUMITZ – Castamaer
12. sik├Şra – Makeshift Parade

Co-Fusion - Amber (Teaser) | Harthouse (taken from the compilation "Dance with the Robots")

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