Get ready for “Club Vibes (Part 05)“. The short sound interventions at the beginning of “Black Unicorn” are reminiscent of the snorting of horses (the closest relatives of the unicorns) and are a sign of well-being that will surely come to pass on the dance floor. With “Sit back and take it down”, Boris Brejcha invites everyone to sit back and relax for ten minutes. Although – probably there is a wink behind this track, because it is also quite danceable. The vocals (vocal samples) sound a bit like a horror movie – so, dance for your life …

In addition to the digital release, which will be available everywhere on 06 January 2023, two limited vinyl editions will also be pressed in black (180g) and transparent lime vinyl (180g). The two vinyl versions are on pre-sale from today and are expected to ship from December 19, 2022.

Boris Brejcha – Club Vibes (Part 05)

(limited 12″ in transparent lime Vinyl)



A. Black Unicorn (08:06)

B. Sit Back And Take It Down (10:28)

© Harthouse / UCM.ONE

A good 15 years ago, the first EP of a then 25-year-old Ludwigshafen native was released on Harthouse, and his career quickly went through the roof after that. Today, he is one of the best-known and most successful techno producers and artists worldwide.

Boris Brejcha - Club Vibes Part 05 (Harthouse) I Teaser

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Further information

More information about the artist: Boris Brejcha

More information about the label: Harthouse