Despite closed clubs and cancelled festivals we haven’t lost our optimism and love for music. Instead we are extremely proud of this gathering of friends and respected artists who have contributed 12 exclusive tracks to reflect the current zeitgeist of our label. And we couldn’t be more amazed about the stunning result. Welcome to “Robotic Intelligence“, which will be available from May 21, 2021 and is already on pre-sale now.

Der Dritte Raum is kicking it off with a special edit of  “Gummihammer” which offers us some urgently needed grounding. But don’t take this the wrong way. Der Dritte Raum doesn’t do things by halves. “Gummihammer” is a heavily wobbling banger that is made for the floor! With “Vertical Horizontal” Co-Fusion demonstrates their well-known versatility as a producer combo that we love them for. It’s such a highly atmospheric beauty that runs so smoothly and unobtrusively while yet being so strong and confident.
Boris Brejcha did also some magic and delivers a new version of “Schaltzentrale” The outcome is a 2021 Joker Remake which is another reminder of why Boris Brejcha has become such a driving creative force in the music business over the last couple of years. Rico Puestel‘s “Cedes” seems like a trippy homage to the good old days when Technasia and Takio Ishino thrilled the masses. There’s absolutely no resistance to this mind-blowing ride. Absolute peak time alert. Of course a proper compilation like this wouldn’t be complete without Tom Wax. And hell yeah Tom delivered as usual: “Stay Awake” is the epitome of an intoxicating beauty made for small as well as big floors for endless hours of dancing and getting lost in time.
But not enough. He just sounds the bell or a fulminant finale, starting with Ken Ishii‘s track “Reasonable Doubt“. Next in line is Breitenstein, a new discovery that continues to surprise us with his incredible talent. “No Past No Future” is a massively grooving and neatly worked out art piece with tons of stamina. Britta Arnold teams up with Tatyana and the result is outstanding.”Sex” is a hypnotic masterpiece and will make your head spinning. Although Sikoras “From the Pub to the Grave” displays some atmospheric elements it’s not made for hallucinogenic self-experiences but rather some serious peak time workout with the clear goal to turn the floor upside down.
DJ Lion immediately shifts up a gear or two. “Bottle Rocket” is… well, the name says it all. You gotta love this guy for always getting to the heart of things. “Bottle Rocket” is a rolling beast and as dark as the clubs in which it will blow the audiences away, night after night. Arpatec is kicking it off with a special edit of “Aemma” that does not only come along with an absolute alpha mindset due to its massive momentum and high energy level, but also a break that will even dumbfound a legend like Slash. Smilla takes up Arpatec’s energy level and goes even crazier with his creaking “Discrete Component” banger.  Chris Maico Schmidt feat. Angie Taylor round off this incredible conglomerate with their witty and refreshingly different sounding roller coaster ride called “Nachbarn (Noah Levin Edit)“.
Ask:ME & El Muerto deliver a captivating ride called “Legend” and underpin their immaculate  storytelling skills. The Chosen Ones feat. Akipa were remixed by Betatec and the result is a warehouse peak time banger that claims all the space and attention in the room for itself. “Emotions” is a beautiful hybrid with an amazing melodic theme paired with an uncompromising drive. What a complex and diverse ending. We couldn’t be happier.

Robotic Intelligence ( Harthouse) | Teaser A

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