“Joined Up Writing” by Anne Clark is one of the style-defining electronic New Wave records of the 80s. With the hit “Our Darkness” the long player landed an unforgettable classic. Anne Clark‘s poetic chanting was brilliantly staged by David Harrow, who wrote the songs for Clark’s lyrics.
David Harrow began his musical career in the early 1980s on the squatter scene in London’s East End. At the Warehouse Theater in east Croydon he met Anne Clark. Several albums were created with her. During that time he also appeared with the underground group Psychic TV. In 1982 David Harrow‘s first solo album “The Succession” was released. In Berlin he produced music for the groups Leningrad Sandwich and Fougorki. A long-term collaboration with Mike Vamp began there. In the Netherlands he worked on an album with Jah Wobble. In 1987, back in London, David Harrow‘s last album was created with Anne Clark.

In 2000 he traveled to Cuba and Jamaica before setting up his own studio in Los Angeles.

Several film scores were created. In 2015 he began teaching electronic music production at Point Blanks LA Music School. In 2020 he received an Honorary Degree in Music Production from Middlesex University. In 2021 David Harrow and Mike Vamp released a remarkable “Glam-Wave” album entitled “Diamond and Dust“.

Low Winter Sun” is David Harrow’s current solo work with the singer Xeni. Deeply melancholy, dreamy and touching, the artist ties the New Wave of the 80s to modern rhythms and sounds of the current 20s.

David Harrow feat. Xeni - Complicated | New Normal Recordings | Teaser

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