Tony Match is a jazz, soul and hip-hop drummer and percussionist, music director and producer from Paris, France. In “Misunderstood“, the whole range of his musical creativity seems to be noticeable.

Music that definitely writes pictures in your head. For example, that of Amy Winehouse‘s uncle as a drag queen performing lasciviously on the pole with dance and song. The track will be on the market from 6 January – so get your meatballs on.

Influenced by the famous jazzmen and jazz labels, Tony Match started music lessons at the age of 7. He received his state music diploma at the age of 18.

After quite a few crazy stage shows in Europe, this incredible drummer and percussionist created his own style. Close to hip hop & electronic culture, influenced by jazz breakbeats and soul music, the multi-talented drummer decided to dedicate these skills to music production.

Also available:

Tony Match feat. Julia Messenger - Never Say Never (Mole Listening Pearls)

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