With his project Nowand, Mark Bahlig makes his statement for untiring passion and dedication to create music that moves the soul. He pushes his art in a never-ending search to find his inner realm: meditative, cerebral and sustainable. Now his first single “Back To Love” from his forthcoming debut album “Superhuman” will be released on Mole Listening Pearls.

Mark Bahling was born in Johannesburg as the son of German immigrants. He has traveled extensively, studying fashion and industrial design, working as a product and graphic designer: stations in England, America and Switzerland.  Music always accompanied his life’s journey yet there came a time when music moved to the center of his being.

Together with his friends, Gustavo Fasani and Jason Birkwood, and the sound engineer and producer Hannes Bieger, Mark has spent the last few years getting his Nowand project off the ground. Now his first single with the title “Back to Love” is available.

Supplemented with a remix by Hannes Bieger, who is already an old friend on Mole Listening Pearls with his Llava and Airmate projects.

Nowand - Back To Love (Official Music Video) | Mole Listening Pearls

Nowand - Back To Love (Hannes Bieger Remix) [Teaser] | Mole Listening Pearls

More information about the label: Mole Listening Pearls