With “Hymless“, the third and last appetizer for Bucher‘s debut album is now available on the download and streaming portals. The 7-minute track pulls out all the stops: pulsating house beats, hissing hi-hats, driving basses and melodies, all embedded in warm atmospheric soundscapes.

The foretaste of the album “Restart” is brilliantly rounded off and shows after the first two singles “Lipstick” and “Jupiter” the whole skill and the insatiable wealth of ideas of the producer.

Although the producer and musician has been making music with many creative minds for more than three decades, Bucher’s first ever solo album, “Restart,” is out now.

Tom Bucher‘s interest in music began at the age of 3 when he started drumming on his mother’s cooking pots. He took his first drum lessons at the age of 9. Later he became a drummer in a rock band. In 1993, a good friend sparked his interest in electronic music. Professional DJ gigs soon followed. At first he played techno and trance. Later, however, he preferred house, which is still his favorite music.

Bucher - Hymless (Teaser) | Plastic City

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