Forces | Gewalten:

In his third feature film “Forces” (Original German title: “Gewalten“), Austrian director Constantin Hatz goes in search of tenderness in a village sociotope characterised by hatred and discontent, coldness of feeling and violence, exaggerated ideas of masculinity and xenophobia.

Forces” (“Gewalten“) celebrated its world premiere in February 2022 at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival, where the film was shown in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section and awarded the Heiner Carow Prize for Rafael Starman‘s outstanding camera work.


In an isolated village, beyond temporal and geographical localisation, lives 14-year-old Daniel. The life of this gentle and tolerant boy, who only wants to please everyone, is marked by violence and emotional coldness. He sacrifices himself for his family, tries to please his violent big brother and devotedly cares for his terminally ill father, who longs for his own end but does not dare to end his life himself. In the forest, Daniel meets Marcel, an outcast who has returned to the village after many years and ekes out a living by fighting dogs. The two are united by their receptivity to the comforting silence of the forest and an intense relationship with nature.

With a stoic expression, Daniel endures his disappointed hopes as well as the humiliations of his emotionally stunted fellow human beings, as if he wants to avoid becoming just like them until the end – even if that means surrendering to raw nature in the end.

Screenwriter and director Constantin Hatz

Constantin Hatz was born in Vienna in 1989. He graduated from the Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt with a focus on “photography and audiovisual media” in Vienna. This was followed by studies in directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Filmography (selection)

2022 Elaha (Feature-length film, screenplay & director)
2018 Stammtisch (Dokumentarfilm, concept & director)
2017 Brut (Feature-length film, screenplay & director)
2015 Fuge (Feature-length film, screenplay & director)
2014 Helikopter-Hausarrest (Documentary, concept & director)

He has received the German Short Film Award and theNew German Cinema Promotion Award for his work, among others. His film “Forces” was invited to the “Perspektive Deutsches Kino” of the 72nd Berlinale in Berlin and received the Heiner Carow Prize there.

Original title: Gewalten

Screenplay & director: Constantin Hatz

Actors: Malte Oskar Frank (Daniel), Robert Kuchenbuch (Vater), Paul Wollin (Marcel), Eric Cordes  (Michael), Ben Felipe (Lukas), Susanne Bredehöft (Erika), Beatrix Strobel (Ivana), Mohamed Haj Younis (Karim), Bashar Kanan (Karims Bruder), Nahla Nabil (Karims Mutter), Ludger Bökelmann (Freund von Lukas), Christian Schneeweiß (Bestatter), Max Koch (Sportlehrer) und Robert Gallinowski† (Trainer)

Producer: Matthias Greving, Janina Sara Hennemann, Kirsten Lukaczik

Cinematography: Rafael Starman

Editing: Marco Rottig

Sound: Corinna Zink

Technical department: Deborah Bode, Nico Flach, Tristan Hurlbrink


Production company: Kinescope Film GmbH, Bremen

Year of production: 2022

Genre: Drama

Country: Deutschland

Language: Deutsch

Subtitles: English, German (SDH, bafA)


Lenght: 147 Min

Aspect ratio: 2,39:1 (DCI-2K Scope)

Sound: Surround 5.1

Resolution: 2048×858

Rating: FSK 12

Other title:

English: Forces

Label: Artkeim²

Distributor: UCM.ONE

Theatrical start: May 11, 2023

Director’s note by Constantin Hatz

“World-weariness” – this term has hardened like a stable foundation under the writing process of the screenplay. My ambition was to translate this term cinematically and to construct a world that has an immanent world-weariness. The main character Daniel is in a way a hybrid, because on the one hand she suffers from world-weariness, and on the other hand she is its personification. Daniel’s failure to meet his demands on the world reveals the concept of suffering as a means of heightened sensory realisation. In Gewalten there is an aestheticisation of suffering. This can also be found in Dostoevsky, who uttered a sentence that I couldn’t help but think of during Daniel’s creation: »Suffering and pain are indispensable for a broad consciousness and a deep heart. Truly great people, it seems to me, must feel great sadness in the world.”«

I would like to close this commentary with a thought from Novalis. But this should by no means be viewed in a purely monotheistic way. One should not be tempted to understand God as a singular creator. “I will no longer complain, I will rise joyfully. And be well content with my course of life. A single moment, when God has given himself to me, outweighs years of suffering.”

And the world-weariness? It will go on and on.

Nature does not need our thinking. But because of our arrogance, we try to think ourselves into nature. Reason forces our instinct into opposition. What would happen if nature tried to oppose man’s thoughts and plunged mankind into the causality of the irrational, so that it would inevitably be confronted with its own instincts? I believe that man’s animal-like nature, his intuitive behaviour, is truer than his learned or adapted behaviour. It does not matter how civilised society is, the barbaric part of man remains indestructible. Barbarism is not suppressed by culture or education.

The movie Forces shows such a world, an animalistic and barbaric world in which everything dies, a world that will soon become extinct. One only encounters dark reflections of people who try to seek shelter and security behind their own shadows. Young Daniel tries to face this world, is shattered and yet gets up again. In his loved ones he finally sees the reflection of his own death.”

About cinematographer Rafael Starman

Rafael Starman was born on June 20, 1987 in Vienna and currently lives in Gersthofen. He received his education in film and photography at the HTBLVA Ortweinschule in Graz. From September 2008 to April 2010 he was employed as a cameraman and editor at the regional television station Steiermark 1 TV in Graz.

He has been a freelance cameraman since July 2010. From 2013 to 2020 he studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg with a focus on image design & cinematography.


2022 Forces (Feature film, 147 min.; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2020 Endjährig (Feature film, 73 min. | Regie: Willi Kubica)
2019 Fünf nach Zwölf (short film , 43 min.; Director: Tarek Roehlinger)
2018 Stammtisch (Documentary, 93 min.; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2017 Brut (Feature film, 122 min.; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2016 Ausnahmezustand (Shot film, 11 min.; Director: Tarek Roehlinger)
2015 Fuge (Feature film, 73 min.; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2014 Adam (Feature film, 123 min.; Director: David Lapuch)
Helikopter – Hausarrest (Documentary, 38 min. | Director: Constantin Hatz)

About film editor Marco Rottig

Marco Rottig was born in 1987 in Konstanz and also grew up in the city. He trained as a media designer for image and sound in Freiburg from 2010 to 2012.

This was followed by studies in montage/editing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg from 2012 to 2018. He has been working as a freelance film editor since 2018.


2022 Forces (Feature film, 147 min.; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2021 Störung (Feature film, 95 min; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2020 Stille Post (Feature film, 95 min; Director: Florian Hoffmann)
Die Gewichtheberin (Documentary, 40 min; Directors: Constantin Hatz, Annelie Boros)
2019 Fellwechselzeit (Feature film, 80 min; Director: Sabrina Mertens)
2018 Stammtisch (Documentary, 95 min; Director: Constantin Hatz)
Schwimmen (Feature film, 100 min; Director: Luzie Loose)
2017 Remo (Documentary, 48 min; Director: Uta Schindler)
2017 Brut (Feature film, 123 min; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2016 Talsperre (Short film, 12 min; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2015 Fuge (Feature film, 77 min; Director: Constantin Hatz)
French Fries (Short film, 8 min; Director: Luzie Loose
Dead Girls Don’t Love (Short movie, 12 min | Director: Philipp Westerfeld)
2014 Helikopter – Hausarrest (Documentary, 38 min; Director: Constantin Hatz)
Nähe (Documentary, 31 min; Director: Constantin Hatz)

About Robert Kuchenbuch (Role: Father)

Born in Lutherstadt Wittenberg in 1967, Robert Kuchenbuch studied acting at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin from 1990/91 to 1994/95. Permanent engagements took him to numerous German-speaking theatres, including the Theater St. Gallen, Schauspiel Frankfurt a.M., Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin and Schauspiel Stuttgart. He has also appeared in numerous television and film productions.

Filmography (selection)

2022 Theresa Wolff: Ikarus (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Bruno Grass)
A Distant Figure (short film; Director: Ramón Durman)
Forces (Feature film; Director: Constantin Hatz)
2021 Störung (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Constantin Hatz)
Der Überfall (short series, ZDF; Director: Stephan Lacant)
SOKO Köln (Series, ZDF; Director: Christoph Heininger)
2020 Wapo-Berlin: Goldmädchen (Series, ARD; Director: Oren Schmuckler)
2019 Letzte Spur Berlin: Amöbenliebe (Series, ZDF; Director: Käthe Niemeyer)
2018 Zoros Solo (Feature film; Director: Martin Busker)
Kokon (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Leonie Krippendorff)
2016 Die Freibandclique (TV movie, SWR; Director: Friedemann Fromm)
SOKO Stuttgart: Spielfeld des Todes (TV movie, SWR; Director: Rainer Matsutani)
2014 Der Bergdoktor (Series, ZDF; Director: Axel Barth)
Notruf Hafenkante (Series, ZDF; Director: Oren Schmuckler)
Windscherung (Short film; Director: Marcel Reimann)

About Eric Cordes (Rule: Michael)

Born in Bremen in 1996, Eric Cordes studied education after graduating from high school and worked as a martial arts coach for young people from difficult social backgrounds. For several years he has been in front of the camera for productions by ARD, ZDF, SKY, Amazon and RTL+. “Forces” is Eric Cordes‘ feature film debut.

Filmography (selection)

2023 Helen Dorn – Der deutsche Sizilianer (Feature film; Regie: Friedemann Fromm)
2022 Das Boot (Series, season 4, SKY; Director: Dennis Gansel)
Die Discounter (Series, season 2, Amazon Prime; Directors: Emil Belton, Oskar Belton, Bruno Alexander)
Der Staatsanwalt –  Die letzte Verwandlung (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Steffi Doehlemann)
Blutige Anfänger (TV movie, ZDF; Directors: Philipp Eichholtz, Irina Popow, Franco Tozza)
2021 Love Addicts (Series, season 1, Amazon Originals; Directors: Arabella Bartsch, Janosch Chávez Kreft)
Unter anderen Umständen – Dämonen (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Judith Kennel)
Die Freibandclique (TV movie, SWR; Director: Friedemann Fromm)
Das Netz (Series, ARD; Director: Rick Ostermann)
Subotnik (Mini series, RTL+; Director: Helene Hegemann)

About Paul Wollin (Rule: Marcel)

Born in Berlin in 1989, Paul Wollin trained as an actor at the Filmschauspielschule Berlin. Guest engagements have taken him to national and international German-speaking theatres, including the Nationaltheater Mannheim, Junges Deutsches Theater Berlin, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Berlin and the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin. He also appears regularly in film and television productions.

Filmography (selection)

2023 SOKO Köln: Ruhe nach dem Sturm (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Sascha Thiel)
2022 Forces (Feature film; Director: Constantin Hatz)
60 Minuten (Netflix film; Netflix; Director: Oliver Kienle)
Vena (Feature film; Director: Chiara Fleischhacker)
Nackt über Berlin (Mini series, arte/SWR; Director: Axel Ranisch)
Tod den Lebenden (Feature film, ARD Mediathek; Director: Tom Lass)
Ostfriesenkrimi: Ostfriesenwut (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Christine Repond)
Die Discounter (Series, season 2, Amazon Prime; Directors: Oskar Belton, Emil Belton, Bruno Alexander)
Boom Boom Bruno (TV series, Warner; Director: Maurice Hübner)
2021 Munich Games (Series, Sky; Director: Philipp Kadelbach)
SOKO Leipzig: Und plötzlich ist alles dunkel (TVmovie, ZDF; Director: Robert del Maestro)
Tatort: Schutzmaßnahmen (TV movie, ARD; Director: Nina Vukovic)
Doppelhaushälfte (Series, ZDFneo; Director: Florian Dietrich)
John Wick 4 (US feature film; Director: Chad Stahelski)
Babylon Berlin (Series, season 4, SKY / ARD; Director: Achim von Borries, Henk Handloegten, Tom Tykwer)
Wolfsland: 20 Stunden (TV movie, ARD; Director: Cüneyt Kaya)
2020 Die Macht der Kränkung (Series, ZDFneo; Director: Umut Dag)
Deadlift (Feature film; Director: Tim Brückmann)
2019 Warten auf’n Bus (Mini series, rbb; Director: Dirk Kummer)
Professor T. – Die Zeugin (TV movie, ZDF, rbb; Director: Thomas Jahn)
Nightlife (Feature film; Director: Simon Verhoeven)
Das Gesetz sind wir ( TV movie, ZDF; Director: Markus Imboden)
Wiessnitz (Series, pilot; Directors: Andreas Reinhardt, Tim Burek)
2018 Arthurs Gesetz (Comedy serie, TNT; Director: Christian Zübert)
Dogs of Berlin (Netflix series; Director: Christian Alvart)
Marie Brand und der Reiz der Gewalt (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Nicole Weegmann)
Tatort Dortmund: Inferno (TV movie, ARD; Director: Richard Huber)
Toubab (Feature film; Director: Florian Dietrich)
2017 7500 (Feature film; Directo: Patricrk Vollrath)
2016 Vierfarbendruck (Poetry film; Director: Sina Sailer)
Toro (Feature film; Director: Martin Hawie)
SOKO Wismar: Verletzt (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Kerstin Ahlrich
2015 SOKO Leipzig: Töchter und Söhne (TV movie, ZDF; Director: Andreas Morell)

Voices on the film (selection)

“In expressive images that effectively contrast the cramped gloom of interiors with the bright expanse of the surrounding landscape, Constantin Hatz creates an ominous painting of humanistic decline. Structural decay becomes a symbol of psychological degeneration, barren rooms denote the emotional atrophy of their inhabitants. The morally degenerate milieu, which still defies the sublime natural backdrop, is so poisoned that budding friendship cannot grow. A bitter conclusion about the human condition, which despite being overlong has an inherent ghostly poetry.” (Linda Bach,

“This film irritated us, but its haunting moments refused to let us go. Gewalten did not make it easy for us, it is not pleasing, we were at its mercy; but it is a film that resonates, whose intense images we could not escape, that forces questions to which answers are hard to find. In a world full of brutality, Rafael Starman creates an incredible poetry with his image design. With his perfectly composed images, he creates an oppressive atmosphere that spares no darkness. At the same time, he gives the great ensemble full of new, unused faces plenty of space and skilfully stages them. We had to fight our way through Gewalten in the truest sense of the word, but despite all the hurdles and cliffs, this film – also thanks to the pictures – is above all one thing: cinema, cinema, cinema! (Statement of the jury awarding the “Heiner Carow Prize” of the DEFA Foundation)

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